After an INTERESTING CONVERSATION with someone did some research on Feng shui“invisible forces” that bind the universe, earth, and humanity together, thus as explained to me it is sort of using the placement of things in the external to create desired outcomes ….. and in a similar way … there are lots of practiced rituals all toward again creating desired outcomes … in a way these practices and others like it subscribe to the idea of LUCK.

Interesting too is the fact that research suggests that those of us who believe in the idea that external forces … ‘things outside’ of ourselves hold a STRONGER SWAY OVER OUTCOMES … tend to not put in as much well thought out constructive efforts into doing our part to contribute to desired outcomes … it is called “External ‘locus of control’ ” External L.O.C. _______________ and those of us who acknowledge the external factors consider them realistically and then INVEST EFFORTS into what we are able to do … tend to discover our desired outcomes or close to it relatively often … it is called “Internal ‘locus of control’ ” Internal L.O.C.

After all is said and done …. we each have a choice where to direct our focus and how to share up our focus between external factors internal factors and its impact on desired outcomes …. might be helpful to do some research too …. :_)