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Conflict Management

Living Life places demands upon us 

Even if we enjoy the demands it a time of stress known as Eu-stress

Some of the most joyous events are highly stress-filled … getting married, moving into a new home, starting a new job, becoming a parent

And then there are those things that are part of life and living that are dis-stressing … some relationship problems, loss of loved ones, natural disasters

And then there are those things that are as stressful as we approach then … taking an exam, public speaking, potty training

There is this hidden popular belief for some that if you are not running  helter skelter you are not really being as effective because ‘everybody knows life is stressful’

Well life is stress-full but we, meaning every human being on the face of the Earth can only carry so much stress before EXHAUSTION which is the thing that makes us vulnerable to physical emotional psychological spiritual breakdowns   

so remember THE STRESS IS REAL

do yourself a favour and practice regular stress-management and stress-recovery


Because life demands it for healthy holistic living! 

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There is a difference between the man who admits and is truly pained to have hit his partner and then moves to ensure the changes of it happening again are minimal to none

There is a difference between the woman who is saddened that her partner got physical with her and yet chooses to stay and does all to help her partner and ensure the changes of it happening again are minimal to none

And Domestic Violence 

Domestic Violence usually refers to a pattern of interacting between two partners involved in a romantic relationship, where one partner physically assaults the other partner and then there is a period of calm, followed by another physical assault .. the partners continue in this pattern while maintaining their domestic arrangement

Domestic Violence therefore includes a physical pain giver and a physical pain receiver …

The physical pain giver inflicts pain upon their partner and feels justified so to do

The physical pain receiver chooses to remain and endure the inflicted pain for varied reasons

To effectively break the pattern therefore, either:

a) The pain inflict-er needs experience some sort of remorse and desire to treat their partner differently

b)The pain receiver needs make a choice to no longer endure the inflicted pain and plan a safe exit from the relationship

c)Both parties reach a realization and work toward a new relationship pattern

While it is understandable to reject the physical abuser’s behaviour … statistics do indicate that many abused tend to return and even defend the abuser … thus it remains for each to appreciate the role played and control what is controllable; one’s self

EACH   might do well to appreciate that in spite of what their past experiences have taught .. LOVE does NOT equal PAIN 

Conflict is an irremovable part of life. Even if there was only one human being on the planet, that human being would experience intra-psychic conflict; “Should I make this choice or another? .. What if I choose X and something undesirable happens? … Suppose I choose Z and then I am backed into a corner?

With the multitude of human being of multitude diversities and complexities … could you imagine the multitude of opportunities for conflict?

Unfortunately some individuals, couples, teams and organizations, red flag conflict as negative in and of itself. They therefore avoid CONFLICT at all costs. Yet truly healthy living involves conflict management. 

Needless to say there is the universal understanding that when conflict reaches to tumultuous points  there is the opportunity and sometimes the moral and lawful move to litigate. Our Court systems therefore support us in managing high-level conflicts and/or conflicts that have led to unlawful resolutions.

But what of the lower level conflicts? Those that arise between couples, between co-workers, between family members, e.g. parent and teen. … how do we resolve those effectively?

Fortunately, there are ‘Alternative Dispute Resolutions.’

Alternative Dispute Resolution
Alternative Dispute Resolution

Mediation is a non-binding process in which an impartial third party, the mediator, facilitates the negotiation process between the disputants. The mediator facilitates the process and the parties involve maintain control over their selection and acceptance of the proposed options derived during the process. Karry-On Mediation takes the form of a three-way live chat … where the process would involve:

The Mediator explaining the mediation process to parties

The setting of the Ground Rules to guide conduct during the mediation process

The Mediator facilitating the mediation process

Basic Paradigm of Coaching
Basic Paradigm of Coaching

In that way ONLY it follows a similar approach to the KarryOn Live Chat Life Coaching 

CONFLICT  is a part of life Effective Conflict Management remains your choice!!!!!!!!!!!!!