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Belonging and Connectivity are important for children to have a healthy self-esteem…as children begin to go out into the wider World, it is their peer group that they want most to connect with and belong to….and so it is important to help our children to have a desire to belong and connect to a group of friends/peer group that would help them become ‘good citizens’ of their little school community

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Know Your Friends! and help the children know who are theirs

Dear Positive Psychology People,

Do you know what often leads to “psychosis” or moving away from reality? It is when our reality has become 2 harsh…. that we can easily employ a


where we refuse to accept the reality

where we refuse to view the situation for what it actually is’

where we focus on what should and should and should

Our psychology is strengthened 

when  we accept harsh

when we accept the seriousness and severity of the situation  

when we realize it cannot be ‘business as usual’ 

when we realize that life is now demanding that we become a different and better person who is able to deal and heal 


So to all out there harsh comes in different ways forms and times and we can choose INSANITY or ACCEPT HARSH!


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During one of her bouts of deep depression Ana May allowed herself the unguarded moment where some insight and truth, her truth was let in…

she Ana had always been the one making the compromises…her Dick simply expected her to

she Ana could always be sure of expressions of love from Dick after he received a compliment on her behalf, after lovemaking, after her support resulted in Dick realizing his goals…

Ana thought to herself but surely nothing is ‘wrong’ with these things, after all ‘any good woman would be happy to do these things’

then a wave of tears came….

its just that Ana allowed herself to admit…

even though she hardly asked for much her little requests were usually considered ‘badly timed’ ‘not really necessary if she thought it over’ ‘giving Dick undue stress’ or ‘just Ana being silly’…

but she Ana never…NEVER EVER would consider any ANY of Dick’s requests as ‘badly timed’ ‘not really necessary if she thought it over’ or ‘undue stress’ or ‘Dick just being silly’ … she waited upon Dick and waited and waited and waited upon Dick for years… 

the tears came down uncontrollably Ana May whispered bitterly ‘he never really loved me in a real way but that **** Dick sure loved all I did for him!’ …. ‘he never cared’ .… the pain of the thought was excruciating  and Ana only just heard Anabel’s cries because her friend had rushed in the room to comfort the child…

everyday some Ana May struggles under this realization  for Relationship Coaching or therapy … or if going through a major relationship change

Ana May hopes that her story helped someone


Dear Positive Psychology People, 

Our greatest fear is not living! Let us get this clear, not the inevitable of death and dying that we know comes at some point, no the choice of existence versus living fully.

Positive Psychology People live courageous;

  • we dare to accept life with all it offers to us and that includes the reality that we are given a gift with limits and one of them is death…because we get that
  • we dare to love …for as Mahatma Ghandi put it “where there is love there is life!” so as positive psychology people our lives are filled with love … love of some purpose …love of people…love of the present…love of …. and because of that
  • we dare to live a life of thanksgiving…everyday every moment is a gift of some sort and so our thoughts, our attitudes, our behaviours reflect a thankfulness for the little things in each moment
  • we dare to forgive because the reality of death motivates us to not want to move burdened
  • we dare though to not forget what experiences taught us but to learn for we know that life is purposeful and understanding too its limited we strive to draw what we can from the experiences
  • we dare then to live and share and support for we realize that like it or not there is a part of all who have passed this way before that would live on in some shape or form through another

So because we accept death…as positive psychology people we die a little with each experience…

let me explain….In her song Taylor Swift says ‘the old Taylor Swift is dead’ …and as Positive Psychology People we are always dying to old habits and being reborn to new habits…dying to ancient viewpoints and being reborn into new paradigms…and it goes on and on….

Are you a Positive Psychology Person?… or are you one who does not dare to live because of the fear of death…in other words being afraid to try and succeed and be happy because of a fear that something must go wrong and take it all away…what many don’t know is that is actually the fear of death showing itself in another form …. related sessions @ 

Okay so some of us might sleep with the lights on….

might not be that we are afraid of Ghosts…

who know maybe some of us are afraid of Ghosts…

Well we know the song “something strange in your neightbourhood, who you gonna call”


Not even Ghost-Busters can help with “Ghosting!”


Even if you are not afraid of ghosts be very afraid of “Ghosting”


Even if you do not believe in Ghosts…”Ghosting” is very real…’Google it’


Ghosting is a practice where your spouse/partner/fiance/girlfriend/boyfriend/potential partner (you get the point)…. suddenly and on occasion disappears..literally as if they fell of the face of the Earth and cannot be found….

Be a Ghost-Buster and understand these things;

  • this is a pattern of behaviour usually indicating that persons tendency for manipulation and or emotional abuse
  • it is a deliberate strategy designed to produce feelings of insecurity and manipulate the other into behaving as the ‘ghosting partner’ desires
  • it is covert-aggression where the ‘ghosting partner’ is emotionally abusing/punishing the other person for doing/saying/acting in a way that they do not approve of
  • it is usually one of many manipulative and toxic behaviours that this person engages in
  • the act of ghosting indicates issues of power and control that will eventually threaten the relationship more in time to come unless the other partner acts exactly as the ‘ghosting partner’ desires
  • do not take my word for it ….

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Dear Positive Psychology People,

Do you know one of the things that keeps a positive psychology person a positive psychology person? Positive Psychology people travel light! As they move through this life and come up on challenges they do what needs to be done…scream #therapy cuss cry prepare plan #lifecoaching make choices make changes..whatever and as they do those things they remember the golden rule or at least one of them…

Please PARDON people…

people are people…and so we hurt each other unknowingly and sometimes willfully while pleading ignorance..either way..Positive Psychology People…






NEEDFUL ………………. things to cleanse the self of any harmful hurtful hatred within …so that going forward there is a clean mind and a free mind to think purposefully and progressively going forward…

Anyone anything any experience that causes us to STICK can render us SICK…so let’s remember to please PARDON people

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Oh … Observe Observe Observe….

as a therapist one observation is how little therapists are prepared to become entrepreneurs but fortunately with observation the opportunities are there for learning…

so no need to be a #therapist in distress we can #carryon by getting a #businesscoach or simply a #lifecoach (to plan a way forward within our context) @