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day after christmas

Relationships can keep going for long periods of time even when all involved agree it’s not working, but eventually and sometimes at the weirdest times, it eventually breaks…breakups are tough especially around the holidays, but what is even tougher is if or when we don’t quickly find and deal with relationship “X” trails…

It’s those things we keep on doing that just makes it hard for any relationship to keep together…

Don’t let your “X” trail get away from you! Deal with it and move on.

So its BOX__inn day…. what’s in your BOX….

well they say life is like a BOX of Chocolates you never know what you got in it

and what better day than Boxing day to appreciate that whatever you find in your BOX is not the bigger matter

The bigger matter is the approach and attitude we choose and when we

BOX within our BOX_inn day recognizing that what we get in the BOX is an opportunity for growth and development is we dare

Do you Dare!