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Cosmopolitan it really has become a ‘global buzzword’ after all we even have a Cosmopolitan magazine

Now why would that be? …..

Some countries more than others… e.g. Caribbean countries, U.S.A. boast of being cosmopolitan….

But how many of us can say we live in a country where each and every person are originally from that country…surely not many if any of us…

*cosmopolitan…consisting of people from many different countries  ….

so…”How cosmopolitan are you?”

It depends on how many arrivals we have had….

  • Arrival 1

We arrived to our new location, our new country of destination…it’s a simple physical arrival….most reached physically in search of betterment..some reached by force…either way we arrived

If we end here at Arrival 1…our cosmopolitan score is basically 0-1…

-meaning we are hardly quite much of a +social self within our new country (will explain later)

  • Arrival 2

We arrived mentally, so we have arrived at the conclusion that this new location, new country is where we shall now call home….while continuing to honour that first location, also known as our heritage

If we end here at Arrival 2…our cosmopolitan score is basically 2-3…

meaning we are definitely mentally prepared to work to contribute toward the socio-economic well-being of our new home and usually do so with an appreciation of having arrived…for many this is sufficient…but there is one *little problem or *is it a big one

  • Arrival 3

We arrived physically, mentally and now socially…meaning we appreciate that there were people who were there originally in this place we now call home, we appreciate that other people like ourselves like us also arrived and we respect our place and space while also respecting their place and space…

If we reach to this place of arrival .. Arrival 3…our cosmopolitan score is 4-5

-meaning we positively appreciate our cosmopolitan new home, contributing to the socio-economic and also positively to the socio-cultural well-being of the country

So what’s your score?

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