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Feeding On Our Food

There are healthy comforts and not so healthy practices that are comforting

When we embrace a healthy comfort we are nourished and it supports our health and well being ………… and in that way food can be a comfort…….

But what happens is that based on past experiences we sometimes involve our eating habits and so our food in the things we do to help us feel more comfortable  if or when we are not as ease and it is this that often leads to our 3 main eating disorders..

if you suspect someone might be having a challenge with an eating disorder do appreciate it is now an automatic habit and he or she will hardly be able to resist or stop what they are doing on there own


Holistically You (HY) was founded by Nariscia Philip-Peters. Nariscia is a Health Coach who studied at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN) in New York. She also holds a BSc (Hons) degree in Environmental Science, minor Chemistry from Claflin University in South Carolina, USA. 

Holistically You works to motivate others towards going green and  bettering that health and wellness lifestyle. Too often knowledge does not follow action.

Earth food is supposed to nourish us and keep us healthy. Holistically You presently provides you with organic kale. and will soon be adding, purple kale, 3 colors of cauliflower and asparagus

contact 1-868-758-2465

Eating At Our Eatery …

we explored the what the how and the where of what we eat … on the basic everyday level but also on the deeper level of our thoughts behaviour and feelings


because on the everyday level feeding on our food impacts our biological and physical wellness

because on a deeper level awareness can improve our quality of life by feeding on helpful productive thoughts feelings and eventually actions or behaviours

Emotional Eating and other related

Eating is an ongoing action that reflects how we think and feel and

Eating in turn is an ongoing action that influences how we think and feel

So while we might be doing this action almost automatically .. is it not worth exploring what is leading us to

eat = put food into our mouth and chew and swallow it ..

And this is just what we will be doing in Season 2 

Eat Consciously

He was a husband, father, grandfather, a retired officer… while relaxing in his front porch he fell… 

She was a hospital attendant by day and a restaurant owner by evening…. hectic schedule … while enjoying a cruise … she fell ill

What do these two have in common…. they both were fallen by a heart attack …. while viewing the Newspapers this MORNING and being reminded that September 29th is World Heart Day … could not help but recall this man… my grandfather … and this lady .. my aunt … who both seemed to have gone too soon ….

Learnt recently that heart attack risk increases due to depletion of magnesium a mineral which many of us lack … I myself have been consciously trying to be more mindful of getting foods that provide those essential minerals …

And then there are those Lifestyle FACTORS ….

  • EAT FOR Your heart … IN ADDITION TO magnesium learn about other foods that support heart health
  • Be Active! …. it has been found that inactivity is bringing us down in more ways than one
  • Quit Smoking! cigarette substitutes anyone?
  • Know Your Numbers … no not your date of birth .. though age might be a factors .. but focus on what we can control …. numbers related to blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose levels

For support going forward with a more desirable lifestyle there is lifestyle coaching @t


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We eat but we can also be eating by others who are not literally carnivores .. all because we get lost somewhere in the interaction and take on a camouflage that makes it hard to be found and the more we do this the more the “one who is inclined to hunt” makes us his or her prey

Eventhough this life can get really wild we need to know how to remain TAME as often as and when it matters most 

Recipe: List of Ingredients for preparing  a dish 

Appetite: Natural desire to satisfy a need

Need: Want for something considered essential

Whenever we put our focus upon something to take it in through any of our senses we are feeding on that thing. We feed on many things. The things we feed on are based on our natural desire to satisfy a need or our appetite.   

we all have a need to feed and we all have needs we wish to satisfy but what we choose to satisfy and how we choose to satisfy those needs is what makes for major differences among us …

There might be the need for

mental stimulation

personal or professional growth and development

keeping knowledgeable and informed

affection from others

admiration from others

sexual satisfaction

sexual variety

respect and regard

excitement and or challenges ……………. and the list can go on and on

Yet two or is it three questions arise here:; 

  1. Does need satisfaction infringe on the rights of others?
  2. Is need satisfaction a cause of harm or hurt to others?
  3. The appetite is it working for or against you in the medium and long term?

Now we might have an appetite for something that is enduring .. its part of our main way of being

Then we might develop an appetite in response to a situation … part of our tendency or thinking after a situation occurs

Either way the question now is ….

Is this a healthy appetite?

Healthy appetite does NOT………………. 

AND sometimes it is a struggle .. it can be a struggle because our need for the thing or things that hurt the ones we cherish might be so deep=seated that we require support to create an appetite for something new … it can be a struggle because the situation impacted us so deeply that despite us knowing in advance the thing we are craving will not be the best for us to have… we feel and are determined to satisfy our appetite and have our need met ……

And so the choice is ours to work continually to create

A Healthy Appetite Recipe


1 full spoon of sincerity

2 or more cups of a positive progressive mindset

3 measures of well expressed emotions


Mix together sincerity and expressed emotions within a context or environment where it can be held and processed and then mixed appropriately into the cups of positive progressive mindset. Pour within and practice the insight and homework from the mixture. Processing time and finished product based on the recipe maker’s own scheduling.

Note: We all are following some sort of recipe for different aspects of our life be sure it is one which helps feed a healthy appetite  

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