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The ‘little magician’ they called him, this Trinbagonian ‘midget midfielder’ who created plays using his smarts in midfield; Russell Latapy. And now he is serving the game as a coach to the Trinidad and Tobago U20 Footballers. Could that be why? why there might be an expectation of …

Sports Producing Actually Magicians!

All of the young men in the U20 T&T Team must have had that desire and include some sort of self-discipline for the players to reach this level

And well after THE LOSS of the game to the USA and watching their chances move away for the bid for another Worldcup, the ‘magician’ coach commented on how goal 6, could have been avoided, with a little more wit from the guys in midfield so we already know that there is no way for this ‘magician mid-fielder coach’ to transfer his ‘magic’ to all his players for them to do the same in midfield. Of course, because each player brings their own uniques skill and traits.

But seems T&T is calling for a different sort of magic???

We have heard that the ‘family that prays together, stays together’… well what about the team that plays together stays together …

Sports Performance …

includes skill and talent [x]

includes internal motivation [ x]

includes autonomy (some measure of control)

includes personal accountability,  assertiveness, sensitivity to feedback (which the coach reports his players as having),

includes the ability to stress manage or control the tension 

includes confidence

Now when a coach claims a team in underprepared and not of the team’s doing, what kind of Sports Psychology is taking place there?

  • It means the external environment is decreasing internal motivation
  • It means the structure around the players is reducing competence and confidence
  • It means the physical, financial and other resources are frustrating resourcefulness

It means that the sporting players are actual magicians if they can overcome that all on an ongoing basis and outperform teams who have and are making use of the support and resources around, like having 5 camps to support performance in a game!

Yet when a journalist laid blame at the feet of a League not waiving registration fees to allow the team to play and thus improve skills … the general focus went to

blaming who? … but the bigger point is/was/remains…

countries with serious sports producing actual magic…

find ways to put things in place to support players in developing their skills and preparing for games/leagues/tournaments

seems though the sort of magic that might be the focus for the T&T players is that kind where we say…

abra cadarba and find things appear from nothing!

It has not happened! It would not happen…because

sports produces practicals …. real day to day things that must be attended to and implemented to support the players and the game beyond mouth praise and tongue-lashing criticisms

and  makes magic …. when sportspersons and systems, systems beyond getting a coach, work together to produce desired performances

;;;;;;;;; so seems it is and would be a tough carry=on for T&T players as long as the mindset remains ah come on, please… go out there and

Start Producing Actual MAGIC!

Belonging and Connectivity are important for children to have a healthy self-esteem…as children begin to go out into the wider World, it is their peer group that they want most to connect with and belong to….and so it is important to help our children to have a desire to belong and connect to a group of friends/peer group that would help them become ‘good citizens’ of their little school community

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Know Your Friends! and help the children know who are theirs


Children are very observant so they do notice differences but it is neither good nor bad for simply is…

Because children do recognize differences though it is important to ensure our children feel comfortable and confident in their differences  

Some more on children and their outlook on differences


Order stability creates a measure of safety and security for our children as they grow and become more and more independent and explore their World.


part of what creates that is understanding that their are rules….


children are naturally ego focused the younger they are and its necessary…part of the adults job is to help them learn how to move beyond and interact with others and consider others…


Rules are all around and those who do not follow rules are in one way or the other isolated…this is what we begin to teach with the idea of a ‘naughty corner’ … (it is important then that children understand the reason for a naughty corner)

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Some have even suggested that from even in the womb children begin responding to sounds…. no surprise then by the time they reach around 4 years of age they begin speaking to themselves based on who they think they are… very important that they keep thinking of themselves in mostly positive ways even while acknowledging that they might make mistakes or do naughty things at times…

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Eventually we work for a person as a child to know his or her name and it is so he or she can respond when another calls and it is also as an identity

This is HUGE … whatever a person responds to it is because he or she associates with him or herself … therefore as a parent it is important that we give a name a positive association by the things we say very often about our children for eventually this is what they will associate with their name and with who they are and will behave accordingly  


We live in a World that has created a culture of ‘youth worship’ … and its a culture that we love…

what are the young then to do?

Research shows that the adolescent brain is still in that stage of development, and that the area being developed during this stage of life might be linked to the adolescent not fully appreciating the consequences of choices.

When we notice our youth acting out in schools and we hear ‘complimentary’ comments on ‘these young people’ or Generation Z … we cannot help but wonder at the dilemma of our culture of youth worship

In our culture of youth worship how long do our little demi-gods truly get for unconditional regard and understanding of their stage of development and real guidance from the adults in their lives without the psychological war breaking out …

that is the insecurity and feeling of generational competition triggered by our global culture of ‘youth worship’

could our culture of ‘youth worship’ have many of those who might lead secretly resenting the youth with all their youthful behaviours and so instead of truly embracing them and guiding and seeking to understand it becomes a sort of ‘us’ against ‘them’ with the young people being left on their own way too early to figure it all out … could it be too that we assume that once youth looks like young people success socializing good grades academic striving … that we assume nothing further is needed .. forgetting that the young are just that young and new to all what the older ones have come to know and accept as part of life

One wonders then and it is not a blame game .. but how is our culture of youth worship  colouring  how we look at our youth .. what we say and do not say to them… how we relate with them and if we even give them a major benefit ideally of being young and youthful … the listening ear and guidance of an older loved one.. or is it our demi-gods are now way too privileged for such  … with many of their behaviours being labelled and or shrugged off as ‘things young people do’

It is natural to work hard to ensure our children have “shelter” of “a roof over their head” … but that is a HOUSE. And because children by virtue of their stage of developmental are quite vulnerable providing a HOME is equally important…. and often as a society we pay a might high price when little thought and action goes behind providing a home for our children

Home for the child is a place of emotional physical and spiritual safety

And where parents and guardians are concerned the act of providing a home is ongoing for our children…

One of our great unspoken tragedies that often occurs within and or around the home environment is that of sexual abuse with our girls and boys now being almost equally at risk .. our focus needs to always be on two things;

keeping the home safe emotionally physically and spiritually for the child

moving to remove anyone or anything that presents emotion physical or spiritual harm or else get the child to a place of safety

As parents we remain human .. if or when any shadow aspect of our humanity threatens our safety it is for us to search out help to better our selves and or even protect our children from that shadow 

Why is it even important? 

After doing the session which was nothing short of energy and fun… it was again obvious the need for PTA, even at this age some children take boldly to watching themselves, while others shy away from the mirror … taking time to tune in to what is being shared in both video can go along way to ensure your child can bravely boldly and lovingly look at him/herself and know they have all within to progress upwards and onwards … tune in  

Children who feel connected to family relatives and home will tend to have a stronger self-image…. remember we must use TACT with our little ones.