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How Dr. Jim my Mentor Coach helped me workout #lifecoaching

Life coaching is a partnership between client and life coach to move toward making the desired outcome a reality. So how much is too much to pay to make your dreams come true? 

This is not a high-brand product that might eventually be renewed/replaced or repaired, this is a service that brings to you whatever ‘products’ or tangible outcomes you wish be it in an intimate relationship, a parent-child relationship, on the field in sports, at work, in a buisness… an outcome that would have an avalanche effect of bringing even more great results your way… in other words the rewards are invaluable

Imagine walking up to someone and having a conversation and then they agree with you, to keep working together until you get what you want once you keep your end of the bargain, and you already know you are prepared to keep your end of the bargain…is that not priceless really?

Well that is life coaching for you…so while $200CAD or $1000TTD might on the surface seem like a lot for one coaching session and a follow-up…really how much would you pay to make your desires a reality?

Every Sport Plays Nicesty

What does that mean? Simple! As much as sports hold rules. As much as there is need for good sportsmanship. An important part of sport is offensive, attacking, aggressing, pushing, launching. And equally so …an important part of sport is defensive, retreating, protecting, running, avoiding.

So those who are too nice are in trouble!

Also those who are too naughty or nasty are in trouble!

But what works is when the sportsperson or the team build a good strategy, develop their skills and instincts around being nicesty.

And that is where we can learn from viewing sports….thinking about ESPN we can





#CAVS …. in this case we can all become a fan of ‘CAVS’…whether in our relationships with our partners at home or work, with our children, when dealing with habits we need to begin or stop…we need to cheer on ‘CAVS’…

and part of that is knowing when to …

be nice….go easy on ourselves and appreciate all that we are doing….

be nasty….be tough on ourselves and challenge ourselves to get with it and do better

and that is only the beginning….

have you ever seen how the #coach stands on the sidelines taking in a game

2017 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship bronze medal match_ Russia 5 – 3 Finland Pictures _ Getty Images

usually they are thing up of a stance/strategy/plan 

…so after cheering for ‘CAVS’ what’s the plan? #lifecoaching 

or something else maybe…but please let it be something! #go ‘CAVS’

Man or woman or child some of us are daily making ourselves into  Ant Man…. we wake and we put on our Ant Man suit….

we have been bitten by that ANT …we watched it, we played with it and we knew it would happen and it did, we were bit by



Thought….. and everybody knows ANTs move in groups so soon enough one ANT led to




Syndrome…..and the more we practice being Ant Man  the more our biology changes and soon enough we would not need to even wake and put on our suit …we become the soon…and so we say ..we are

down in the dumps

feeling sad

feeling fed up

feeling depressed


and helpless….it all started with one ANT….

They say there is some real science behind the Ant Man film, the new one 

I cannot say yeah or nah..but I can tell you as a therapist that there is a real science to monitoring



Thought….. simply recognize that it is a thought..and let it come and go…and respond by




Positive……that positive thing can be an action…like snap ourselves with a rubber band, a phrase like “rewind” that reminds us to think a new thought more in keeping with reality and/or that is more positive, listen to positive music, or do something that relaxes us…

so whether you are going to watch

Be sure to watch your Positive Psychology ….Ant Man and Wasp….and if need be we can watch it with you

Marvin said it we need to wake up to sexual healing…and this is true in so many ways for so many of us…

  1. There comes a time when we get ‘that feeling’ if or when that happens and we ignore it then sure enough we need sexual healing…the type that comes from releasing pent up unexpressed energies
  2. Sometimes though because of experience we might be inclined to look for our sexual healing in ways or by means that are either morally or legally negative….e.g. through children, by using force or intimidation, or by moving away from people and towards porn sites
  3. On the other end sometimes we actually do need sexual healing because it begins to hurt other areas of our lives, e.g. sexual compulsions and/or addictions
  4. Additionally too sometimes we need sexual healing because based on our past experience we seek our sexual ‘healing’ by using others..making them think we want a relationship when all we want is sex
  5. And connected to that sometimes we need sexual healing because we have fallen into a pattern where we allow others to continually use us for their sexual healing and all we get in return is sexual hurting

And then there are times when we just need that sexual healing that we can get from expressing ourselves with our partner and/or finding appropriate outlets to express and release that ‘feeling’…which ones do you do most…

Sexual Healing Hotline 24/7 access @


Dear Positive Psychology People, 

We are in the DIGITAL AGE also a part of the INFORMATION AGE…

so what do you think is a big ?


The answer got 3 steps:

  1. M.I. 

Manage Information…we have so much information coming at us from everywhere and anywhere….so for some it works against them because they are being pushed and pulled every which way

A Positive Psychology Person makes things into strengths…so we know we have lots of information and we begin to get MILK by

Managing Information

  1. M.I.

Cool so now the information you want is there…this is the age of stalking and snooping…we want to know..because we…then what

A Positive Psychology Person when they get information recognize it is currency like money and so then begin to master they might connect it to information they had before or get some more information and create understanding… that way we get MILK that is best for

Master Information

  1. L.K.

What is the point of having information, understanding the information and doing nothing…opps or then sharing it or hastaging it ..really?

A Positive Psychology Person now considers how can my understanding of this information benefit myself and others, and my community, how might it be used to serve others to solve a problem to shed new light on a situation


Leverage Knowledge  

During one of her bouts of deep depression Ana May allowed herself the unguarded moment where some insight and truth, her truth was let in…

she Ana had always been the one making the compromises…her Dick simply expected her to

she Ana could always be sure of expressions of love from Dick after he received a compliment on her behalf, after lovemaking, after her support resulted in Dick realizing his goals…

Ana thought to herself but surely nothing is ‘wrong’ with these things, after all ‘any good woman would be happy to do these things’

then a wave of tears came….

its just that Ana allowed herself to admit…

even though she hardly asked for much her little requests were usually considered ‘badly timed’ ‘not really necessary if she thought it over’ ‘giving Dick undue stress’ or ‘just Ana being silly’…

but she Ana never…NEVER EVER would consider any ANY of Dick’s requests as ‘badly timed’ ‘not really necessary if she thought it over’ or ‘undue stress’ or ‘Dick just being silly’ … she waited upon Dick and waited and waited and waited upon Dick for years… 

the tears came down uncontrollably Ana May whispered bitterly ‘he never really loved me in a real way but that **** Dick sure loved all I did for him!’ …. ‘he never cared’ .… the pain of the thought was excruciating  and Ana only just heard Anabel’s cries because her friend had rushed in the room to comfort the child…

everyday some Ana May struggles under this realization  for Relationship Coaching or therapy … or if going through a major relationship change

Ana May hopes that her story helped someone


Dear Positive Psychology People, 

There is something surely that moves us when we look on at people doing things that we could only describe as superhuman usually its simply us being in awe at what ever the person is able to do. So much so that we create a special space for these people

Truth be told these people who do this do it because they recognize and embrace their humanness with all its limitations. Its the most ironic thing that the more we embrace our humanness with our limitations and then move froward purposefully and focused holding a positive and useful mindset is the more we can expand what it means being our humanness and when we do that we begin to search out more the things that we need to made ‘that thing’ happen whatever ‘that thing’ might be and the more the Universe also supports us.

How to let go of the uncontrollable?


Learning of the passing of Dr James Jim Vuocolo my mentor and trainer for life coaching seems only fitting to honor his contribution to my workout;

What workout?

The first workout was the why…why after investing time in training to become a therapist even consider life coaching…. because;

  • life is a cyclical continuing and sure sometimes we as people might benefit from some good old therapy and healing of all sorts but then there are times when we are ready for action
  • many of us get stuck in wishing, stuck in strategics and never move forward never #pressforprogress
  • there is a process which has proven to work and it knows no bounds for age, race, ethnicity or clime
  • #lifecoaching completes the life package and as a therapist there is the other hand waiting to complete the applaud so to speak…for even after healing the next task is actually to move forward
  • there is accountability…it is about results
  • it is a gift to the Universe each time anyone anywhere realizes their unique potential in any area of their life

And it was evident that Dr. Vuocolo walked the talk….thankful we met….

#lifecoaching @