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Whoever came up with the hastag ‘masturbation Mondays’ no matter who did it is clear that …

Sex surveys have found that people of all ages, genders, and sexual orientations masturbate. Stimulating one’s own genitals, often to the point of orgasm, can relieve sexual tension, reduce stress, induce pleasure, enhance sexual satisfaction with intimate partners, and promote rest and relaxation. Even young children have been known to masturbate, as they learn to explore their bodies.  

Sex Sans Others another term for masturbation then serves many functions one being stress management and as such it encourages mental wellbeing… here #sexologist shares some

Psychology is basically the study of the mind and behavior.

Math creates sets from the broad thing and then forms subsets from things connected to it.

Sexuality is concerned with our experience as a sexual being and how we express it.

All together: Everyone eventually based on their mindset expresses their sexuality. And sexuality shows itself in how we behave and who we are attracted to;

this is the idea behind Sexuality (heterosexuality & homosexuality):

Homosexuality …The SAME SEXUALITY

We considered too what are the costs for individuals and society alike;

And could we undo #sexualorientation…and is it ethical?

In summary;

We are as similar as we are different.