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Belonging and Connectivity are important for children to have a healthy self-esteem…as children begin to go out into the wider World, it is their peer group that they want most to connect with and belong to….and so it is important to help our children to have a desire to belong and connect to a group of friends/peer group that would help them become ‘good citizens’ of their little school community

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Know Your Friends! and help the children know who are theirs

Marvin said it we need to wake up to sexual healing…and this is true in so many ways for so many of us…

  1. There comes a time when we get ‘that feeling’ if or when that happens and we ignore it then sure enough we need sexual healing…the type that comes from releasing pent up unexpressed energies
  2. Sometimes though because of experience we might be inclined to look for our sexual healing in ways or by means that are either morally or legally negative….e.g. through children, by using force or intimidation, or by moving away from people and towards porn sites
  3. On the other end sometimes we actually do need sexual healing because it begins to hurt other areas of our lives, e.g. sexual compulsions and/or addictions
  4. Additionally too sometimes we need sexual healing because based on our past experience we seek our sexual ‘healing’ by using others..making them think we want a relationship when all we want is sex
  5. And connected to that sometimes we need sexual healing because we have fallen into a pattern where we allow others to continually use us for their sexual healing and all we get in return is sexual hurting

And then there are times when we just need that sexual healing that we can get from expressing ourselves with our partner and/or finding appropriate outlets to express and release that ‘feeling’…which ones do you do most…

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Sometimes when meeting a Mr. Adan Mother-May-I a partner might notice that he behaves as if;

  • his life is a movie &
  • he is heavily manipulated and guided by a desire to please his mother

and so of course the partner thinks and feels if only he could understand what is happening and so the partner does not ‘give up’ on him but seeks to help him to understand….

and he would if only he could….

more often than not though… is the partner who needs the help because for better or for worse…

Mr. Adan Mother-May-I …. is A Host 

He is like an empty vessel that entertains the bidding of others… this he does for his very survival for it is all he has ever known…from the beginning of time he has existed for mama….

Coming to this realization can be one of the most sad and horrifying experiences… support @ 


Learning of the passing of Dr James Jim Vuocolo my mentor and trainer for life coaching seems only fitting to honor his contribution to my workout;

What workout?

The first workout was the why…why after investing time in training to become a therapist even consider life coaching…. because;

  • life is a cyclical continuing and sure sometimes we as people might benefit from some good old therapy and healing of all sorts but then there are times when we are ready for action
  • many of us get stuck in wishing, stuck in strategics and never move forward never #pressforprogress
  • there is a process which has proven to work and it knows no bounds for age, race, ethnicity or clime
  • #lifecoaching completes the life package and as a therapist there is the other hand waiting to complete the applaud so to speak…for even after healing the next task is actually to move forward
  • there is accountability…it is about results
  • it is a gift to the Universe each time anyone anywhere realizes their unique potential in any area of their life

And it was evident that Dr. Vuocolo walked the talk….thankful we met….

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Yes International Women’s Day once more! Last year we were #beingboldforchange and now in 2018 as we think of gender parity we are going to #pressforprogress

Okay so let’s press….

but wait…

Lemme take a #selfie … a gender selfie!

Our Gender Selfies

It’s hard  to #pressforchange when as soon as I’m finished being particular to get dressed for work my ladyfriend just finished breaking the internet with her biographical demonstration of how babies might be made… 

It’s hard to #pressforchange when the new hit song shows others little me shaking my tail feather…or is it that we are asking for 


Yes Gender parity when the men we meet and are to negotiate with in the Board room do not appreciate that if heterosexual then its a similar form such as ours that they would take to the bedroom

how do we expect them to keep a straight face? or is it we want more of these board room men to increase there rate of compartmentalizing the images that just broke the internet….


sure just as soon as fellow ladies stop making a spectacle of ourselves and waging sexual wars on each other to get our piece of steak man…

it might be just a little hard for our men to comprehend how this accomplished modern day woman keeps going back to basics of the P we would not mention and we are not talking about P for Pay or P for Property because remember we are saying that many of us are already getting paid and even have properties its the number of us and the comparative rates…yet we seem in so many ways to be getting our P’s confused…

so please be not surprised if we as a community of ladies do not take stock of ourselves that our great great great grands might also be #pressingforprogress … if only we can #proceedpastP***y&P***sPolitics!

Happy International Women’s Day!

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Dear Positive Psychology People, 

Our greatest fear is not living! Let us get this clear, not the inevitable of death and dying that we know comes at some point, no the choice of existence versus living fully.

Positive Psychology People live courageous;

  • we dare to accept life with all it offers to us and that includes the reality that we are given a gift with limits and one of them is death…because we get that
  • we dare to love …for as Mahatma Ghandi put it “where there is love there is life!” so as positive psychology people our lives are filled with love … love of some purpose …love of people…love of the present…love of …. and because of that
  • we dare to live a life of thanksgiving…everyday every moment is a gift of some sort and so our thoughts, our attitudes, our behaviours reflect a thankfulness for the little things in each moment
  • we dare to forgive because the reality of death motivates us to not want to move burdened
  • we dare though to not forget what experiences taught us but to learn for we know that life is purposeful and understanding too its limited we strive to draw what we can from the experiences
  • we dare then to live and share and support for we realize that like it or not there is a part of all who have passed this way before that would live on in some shape or form through another

So because we accept death…as positive psychology people we die a little with each experience…

let me explain….In her song Taylor Swift says ‘the old Taylor Swift is dead’ …and as Positive Psychology People we are always dying to old habits and being reborn to new habits…dying to ancient viewpoints and being reborn into new paradigms…and it goes on and on….

Are you a Positive Psychology Person?… or are you one who does not dare to live because of the fear of death…in other words being afraid to try and succeed and be happy because of a fear that something must go wrong and take it all away…what many don’t know is that is actually the fear of death showing itself in another form …. related sessions @ 

East or West he explains it does not matter… there are more appealing things that having character he explains…how much like is my life worth he explains… do we understand that a generation is being created that are losing themselves….and are not taking themselves to find themselves beyond what they are told from others…do we understand that there are people who will stop at nothing to maintain an impression…and literally stop at nothing…

yet we feed this everyday and some of us introduce it to our children before they can even speak….and unfortunately like he says they become prisoners to the pain of always feeling not good enough for there worth is now fully based on being who they think people want them to…

and so he sadly declares “I am I am I am a sick boy!” (and he is using boy as we use man) so girls are included 

#narcissism when or if you get into a relationship with someone like this just bow down and never rise…if you want it to work anytime you raise your head…trouble

unfortunately the best they can offer is their partner being part of keeping up an image and if you dare do anything against it well..and know this their partner is just like their cellphone just their to help create perfect selfies


Thrash It! sometime its time to Thrash it! what? something that is no longer working….

So our car shuts we just sit there and brood and wonder why me? or do we begin contacting other drivers or others who can show us the ropes and jump-start new phase in our career or introduce us to a new workable income source.

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