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So when it comes to athletics its easy to appreciate the need to stay in your lane….

When it comes to everyday life though some of us do find it hard to …..”stay in our lane” simply because we are ….


Being addicted to helping might be the result of being deeply empathetic so we truly can in a very real way enter into the experiences of another…

But even so when we find it hard to STAY IN OUR LANE especially when there was no sign that the person desires help….then is it really about the other or about some need within us?

Being addicted to helping might be the result of a deep need to always be needed…and so we seek out opportunities to cross lanes…we find ourselves most times attracted to people who are more like projects

Getting D.Q.

In athletics we can get D.Q. or disqualified

In life we can find ourselves experiencing high stress levels if we don’t ask that Deeper Question….what makes it so hard to


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Adan Mother-May-I 




Mr. Adan Mother-May-I is always on stage….

everything is about appears

everything is about the glitters & the glamour….

so he does everything to seduce & entice the partner who for him would make him look good …..

and this training he would have gotten from MaMa….for MaMa is who Mr. Adan continues to work to prove to that he is “good enough”

What does it mean for his partner?  

His PARTNER is expected to act as he desires

His partner is expected to read his signals to guide their behavior

His partner must never question for Mr. Mother-May-I knows best

What if the partner complains? 

Son And Mama Manipulate You…..

they DO WHAT THEY HAVE TO to convince the partner that going against their suggestions would be a very unwise decision..not sometimes..but ALWAYS….

What sort of person then is best suited to Mr. Adan Mother-May-I? 

THE partner PREPARED to LOSE their SELF!


Enjoying an exercise walk this morning and almost completing our walk we noticed a DOG approaching…

Now of course we are both there wondering…

Who let the DOGS out?  

Looking up there is this cute uncle-grandpa like aged man and a quite fluffy fierce full-figured DOG…

So now you understand the name of this Blog?

But seriously how often do we stay there wondering …

Who let the DOGS out?

It might be some





And let’s be real here unless we are

Nancy Drew ….or

Sherlock Holmes

Is there really a need to know?…..

Or would our efforts be better placed on …

dealing with the matter

opening ourselves to explore available supporting resources

getting professional advice or support if required

securing a solution

Have a Great Day!

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Dear Positive Psychology People, 

We are in the DIGITAL AGE also a part of the INFORMATION AGE…

so what do you think is a big ?


The answer got 3 steps:

  1. M.I. 

Manage Information…we have so much information coming at us from everywhere and anywhere….so for some it works against them because they are being pushed and pulled every which way

A Positive Psychology Person makes things into strengths…so we know we have lots of information and we begin to get MILK by

Managing Information

  1. M.I.

Cool so now the information you want is there…this is the age of stalking and snooping…we want to know..because we…then what

A Positive Psychology Person when they get information recognize it is currency like money and so then begin to master they might connect it to information they had before or get some more information and create understanding… that way we get MILK that is best for

Master Information

  1. L.K.

What is the point of having information, understanding the information and doing nothing…opps or then sharing it or hastaging it ..really?

A Positive Psychology Person now considers how can my understanding of this information benefit myself and others, and my community, how might it be used to serve others to solve a problem to shed new light on a situation


Leverage Knowledge  

Sometimes it pays to take a little more time and do it real slow especially when the stakes are quite high

E.I. … on the surface the two might look quite the same but the results are oh so different

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Dear Positive Psychology People, 

There is something surely that moves us when we look on at people doing things that we could only describe as superhuman usually its simply us being in awe at what ever the person is able to do. So much so that we create a special space for these people

Truth be told these people who do this do it because they recognize and embrace their humanness with all its limitations. Its the most ironic thing that the more we embrace our humanness with our limitations and then move froward purposefully and focused holding a positive and useful mindset is the more we can expand what it means being our humanness and when we do that we begin to search out more the things that we need to made ‘that thing’ happen whatever ‘that thing’ might be and the more the Universe also supports us.

How to let go of the uncontrollable?


Once we are still in the relationship even if we think another might have been brought into it by our partner we have the opportunity to focus on the relationship between the two and what might or might not be actually do that though takes some courage

Okay so some of us might sleep with the lights on….

might not be that we are afraid of Ghosts…

who know maybe some of us are afraid of Ghosts…

Well we know the song “something strange in your neightbourhood, who you gonna call”


Not even Ghost-Busters can help with “Ghosting!”


Even if you are not afraid of ghosts be very afraid of “Ghosting”


Even if you do not believe in Ghosts…”Ghosting” is very real…’Google it’


Ghosting is a practice where your spouse/partner/fiance/girlfriend/boyfriend/potential partner (you get the point)…. suddenly and on occasion disappears..literally as if they fell of the face of the Earth and cannot be found….

Be a Ghost-Buster and understand these things;

  • this is a pattern of behaviour usually indicating that persons tendency for manipulation and or emotional abuse
  • it is a deliberate strategy designed to produce feelings of insecurity and manipulate the other into behaving as the ‘ghosting partner’ desires
  • it is covert-aggression where the ‘ghosting partner’ is emotionally abusing/punishing the other person for doing/saying/acting in a way that they do not approve of
  • it is usually one of many manipulative and toxic behaviours that this person engages in
  • the act of ghosting indicates issues of power and control that will eventually threaten the relationship more in time to come unless the other partner acts exactly as the ‘ghosting partner’ desires
  • do not take my word for it ….

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All beds are unique…uniquely created by the couple or people who make their bed upon the bed…..

In relationships we take to bed all that has both been put in and even all that has been withheld from the relationship…

Unexpressed affections…go to bed too

Unexpressed gratitude…goes to bed too…

And all those wonderful emotions…

Unfortunately some couples or some person in the relationship might consider some emotions wonderful and some less wonderful and so we have one way in which couples might make up for themselves a


it is the bed of unspoken anger, aggression for fear that any expression of same would hurt the relationship … yet because our mind/body/spirit remains even as we does all the emotions we hold even within …

But sometimes it is not so innocent that the


is created….created when…

it is a bed riddled with lies

a bed riddled with with deception…

And what happens as we go on on such a bed unfortunately sometimes we sacrifice disharmony within ourselves for an illusion of harmony in the relationship….

We all deserve a comfortable sleep