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Two letters make all the difference and exchange of (ea) for (it) or vice versa … but hey let’s face it we know its deeper than that .. so when last week someone uttered the words “Life is a B(it)ch” it occuured to me as well as to that person it would seem that this view of life is called to focus when life does NOT go as pr

edicted ……………. but life is …. and in life being what it is for all our attempts at working to increase the possibilities and probabilities life will always present a margin of error that even the most genuis mathematician would have to accept … life is unpredictable and in so being it is understood that life is a b(it)ch ….

Once we accept this reality of life though then we can go through life in a much more relaxed way even when things do not go as hoped or planned and we are reminded that life is many things including a b(it)ch we can state it simply without excess of emotion but with a soberness and appreciation for all life offers and in so doing we discover more and more how to rest and recover well when life throws curve balls at us and then we find that as we go along life we discover just how much life is a b(ea)ch for those who appreciate all life offers and have a desired mission or goal in some area of life … #lifecoaching available for those managing and processing a recent curve ball online therapy available

Body Body Body … our world teaches us to focus on the physical … 

But Body Body Body … did not come and does not continue through life on its own and so now there is this new added wave of Mindfulness and Thought Leaders as we now appreciate Mind Mind Mind 

Yet we forget that beyond some sort of FAITH orientation we also operate from Spirit Spirit Spirit

Spirit is that … is that inner part that courage, that energy, that determination that we are born with …

 so sure parents focus on growing healthy bodies, and intelligent minds, but remember the great strength you give your child when you strengthen their SPIRIT

Recall when training as a Guidance Counselor how it was emphasized that one thing was sure for youth .. those who pushed forward were able to because no matter what their SPIRIT remained undefeated

So be it babe, youth, fully grown man, guard your SPIRIT for therein lies our ability to carry on and progress forward in this journey of life 

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When it comes to the matter of size and women it has been a l——-o——n——-g Journey  to move beyond the classification of  “the ideal sized female” to an appreciation of a variety of SI—-z—Es. Of course s with everything such classifications continue to exist but it would seem among more awareness and appreciation for individual differences among women …..

Recently much attention has been given to the recent intention of a couple to pursue a divorce … years ago this couple’s coming together was also well-publicized .. many different reasons might well be suggested for the popularity of this couple … one suggestion keeps standing out …. simply food for thought:

Along with SIZE might it be that another   BOX    exists that was highlighted with this couple????????????

“GIRL NEXT DOOR” There are many movies showing the idea of the female whose ‘feminine wiles’ seem to be ‘undercover’ … she is the ‘everyday ordinary girl’ nothing to ‘write home about’ she seems not be associated with the same qualities as

   “SEXY BOMBSHELL” the ‘head turner’ everyone easily notices her obvious ‘feminine wiles’ that are sure not to disappoint’  .. she is the lady of ‘secret fantasies’ … especially if you might be now with …

“HOMELY WIFE” where the good old days are but a memory … as of course … her initial attracting factors begin ‘fading fast’ and boredom in one form or the other sets in … one might try … some are successful but for others … there is the lingering appeal and temptation of the existing .. “SEXY BOMBSHELL” ….

For sure it’s understood that women fall into one (1) of these three (3) categories!!!!!!!! …. or is it?

And if in fact this tri-grouping  is correct then would not the “girl next door” be ousted or be bettered by “sexy bombshell” who might then become “homely wife” to be ousted by the new “sexy bombshell” or even a strong curiosity about the “girl next door” … ?????????????

It is said that the Universal is specific and vice-versa. With all the publicity of this couple’s affairs, might it be because in there specific case highlights the dynamics of this UNIVERSAL female matter that has such a STRONG IMPACT on RELATIONSHIP DYNAMICS??????? Might it be???????


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