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Life Authoring

Life coaching is a partnership between client and life coach to move toward making the desired outcome a reality. So how much is too much to pay to make your dreams come true? 

This is not a high-brand product that might eventually be renewed/replaced or repaired, this is a service that brings to you whatever ‘products’ or tangible outcomes you wish be it in an intimate relationship, a parent-child relationship, on the field in sports, at work, in a buisness… an outcome that would have an avalanche effect of bringing even more great results your way… in other words the rewards are invaluable

Imagine walking up to someone and having a conversation and then they agree with you, to keep working together until you get what you want once you keep your end of the bargain, and you already know you are prepared to keep your end of the bargain…is that not priceless really?

Well that is life coaching for you…so while $200CAD or $1000TTD might on the surface seem like a lot for one coaching session and a follow-up…really how much would you pay to make your desires a reality?

It might spell LOL but living our legacy is no laughing matter

Each time we meet someone for however long in whatever environment we greet them

How? we greet them with our essence we greet them with the kind of person we are with our values with our beliefs with our unique offerings even if it is not in our workplace or we are not providing a service or supplying a product to them at that time. We do not know then how we are impacting them but when we meet and greet we touch… we touch another’s mind, thoughts sometimes hopes sometimes spirit and inner being sometimes that place that they have kept hidden and locked up from the world .. so as you walk around and meet remember with every greet it is a touch on the way to a solid legacy that is will be larger than you and move beyond the time as you and that person would even know it …. living our legacy might spell lol but its no laughing matter


What MATTERS_1 are the things that we consider our MATTERS_2 especially since each and every one of our MATTERS_3 will  impact the MATTERS_4 in our ‘personal’ world. 


MATTERS_1 ….is important after all is said and done  

MATTERS_2 ……things we hold as significant enough to be given much consideration &                                         focus & energy

MATTERS_3 ……energy focus areas 

MATTERS_4 …..things that manifest physically or as experiences 


         Be mindful of what we let matter … because it surely matters!

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Numerology is any belief in a mystical relationship between a number and one or more coinciding events. 

Interesting viewing of this show where the child looks at the mom and asks of her affections by calling herself ‘a mistake’ …. the mom reassures the child while “her dad was a mistake she was the best gift ever” …. fast forward years later there is that grown child at college … pregnant, unwed … on persons inquiring she responds … “guess the women of the —- Family have this thing with being pregnant unwed no-dad around” she further suggests in her own way to a guy interested “the child’s dad was a one-night error in judgement” and of course her best gift  as she informs her friend her child is her “DIAMOND” …. 

Now often over looked is the power of the MIND





That which we believe to be true we work to make real …. and when we believe things to be true and link it to numbers, dates, anniversaries, birthdays etc. it becomes EVER more POTENT as we now have a TRIGGER to get into action

                                                               Many times we hardly recognize what is operating behind GENERATIONAL PATTERNS … yet it is all too easy to observe how sometimes most guys … girls … men … women   from a family tend to just fall into a pattern of behaviour and sometimes around the same age ….

WE might ALL do well then to MIND our NUMEROLOGY and MANAGE our MINDS for if we fail so to do SOMEONE or SOMETHING will do it for us AND “he who controls the mind, controls the body & at times spirit too”                          

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Love = strong feeling of affection 

Marriage = FORMAL union between man & woman … more recently two same-sex partners

Custom = TRADITIONAL way of behaving, i.e. expected duty  

Dutysomething you do out of moral or LEGAL NECESSITY

Institution = established LAW or CUSTOM 



Is there any real surprise then at the startling divorce rates of today?

Is it possible then for the two to enter the institution for financial practical legal procreative benefits?

So does someone proposing marriage suggest their depth of love for you?


MIGHT BE to really be proactive in dealing with divorce rates .. that we put our focus more on

Envisioning what the marriage with this person would be like and not the planning of the WEDDING 

Observing behavioural patterns during the relation-SHIP 

FOR ONE thing is sure whatever the motivation of each the relation-SHIP carries over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And now a TEDx perspective:


It might be well to REMEMBER that it is VIRTUALLY impossible to stop the effects of our choices 


It might be well to REMEMBER that it is VIRTUALLY impossible to FULLY NEUTRALIZE  our choices 

Therefore we might all do well to:

CONSIDER the potential EFFECTS of our choice in advance


Let our CONSIDERATIONS affect our choices!!!!!!!!