Moving you forward one step at a time

Life Coaching for Teams

Life coaching is a partnership between client and life coach to move toward making the desired outcome a reality. So how much is too much to pay to make your dreams come true? 

This is not a high-brand product that might eventually be renewed/replaced or repaired, this is a service that brings to you whatever ‘products’ or tangible outcomes you wish be it in an intimate relationship, a parent-child relationship, on the field in sports, at work, in a buisness… an outcome that would have an avalanche effect of bringing even more great results your way… in other words the rewards are invaluable

Imagine walking up to someone and having a conversation and then they agree with you, to keep working together until you get what you want once you keep your end of the bargain, and you already know you are prepared to keep your end of the bargain…is that not priceless really?

Well that is life coaching for you…so while $200CAD or $1000TTD might on the surface seem like a lot for one coaching session and a follow-up…really how much would you pay to make your desires a reality?

All in the GAME

Whether we talking sport or life in general injuries happen or as is often said “sh… happens!”

The thing is do we wallow in it, call it quits or #Bounce_BACK

Injury Investigation

Before even thinking about Bouncing BACK we have to get that left brain active and get realistic

Where is the injury? How serious is it? What will it take to recover? Can there be an expectation of a full recovery? If no….What will be the impact going forward?

After investigating then invest in injury recovery….   Great now that we have dealt with first things first

Bouncing Back 

Become bold about your injury recovery programme

Openly organize yourself, start putting things in place, whether it be a new diet, exercise regime, getting a life coach of course check KarryOn 🙂 this is in sport or life in general

Understand that some measure of discouragement along the way would be experienced

Now Neuropsychology its  a big phrase meaning combine the power of the brain activity or firing neurons and your psychology or thoughts that will impact action and results … so make time daily for visualization exercises where you sit or stand eyes closed and see in your mind yourself as you desire to be or perform and feel it as happening NOW

Create Comforters … an injury is a form of distress be it in body as in sport or emotionally as in some aspect of life relations … thing is for sport body connected to mind connected to spirit or inner and for life mind connected to inner connected to body … you have already been injured and failing to find means of comfort is to add stress on top of injury so be it a friend. a ritual preferably a healthy one, seeking counselling, yoga, exercise if possible … binge tele watching … do it and use it .. so there is no added stress to the injury already being managed

Input Improvements whether you choose to do it in a journal, a board, on the computer or mentally, have some way of tracking your improvement

New after an injury you are NEVER the same and you as a sportsperson or person in the game of life … do best to embrace and  maximize this new you .. and just to be clear the new might actually be a good or it might be an added challenge going forward … but the main think is for you to know this new you and be your best new you

Go Get Game!!!!!!!!!!!! go get them………………………. 

In Sport our fitness matters

Depending on the particular sport we might focus on specific skills, or building specific body parts

In Life our fitness also matters

And in both Sport and Life we might do well to

S.I.T. F.I.T.

Sitting Fit allows us to appreciate that

Success Is Therapeutic

Success is therapeutic meaning that it produces a positive impact for our bodies, minds and spirits as we experience that “proud” feeling that helps us to carry on, it increases our confidence and self-efficacy

We can in the future use it to recall what worked and apply it to other situations

The trouble is that some of us do not sit well because we might be confusing the benefits of having a proud moment with pride and arrogance .. pride and arrogance is in no way linked to having a proud moment … we become full of pride and arrogance when we discount and discredit our efforts that led to success and adopt an “is me” attitude” that ultimately will result in Success As Tragedy where a success leads to our ultimate stunted growth and downfall 

Failure Is Therapeutic

Even the best of the best sportsman or sportswoman or team loses a game or two. But the sportsman the sportswoman the team the person who carries on well thereafter appreciates that failure allows one to use the incoming information and improve in one way or the other and anything that can help you to improve your game ultimately is therapeutic; has a positive progressive effect on bod, mind and spirit …

For some though they only view Failure As Tragedy and therefore fight to not accept or entertain that they were not as successful as they would have liked and so the failure actually slows them down momentarily or sometimes even permanently 

We each make our choice daily whether we would Be A Good Sport in Life and SIT FIT so we can STAND WELL and MOVE PROGRESSIVELY AND POSITIVELY …

How is your posture?