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Those of us who find job satisfaction and have a passion for what we do, how we spend most of our day, we might be in different fields/areas, but the main part of the story is the same, somehow the Universe kept pointing us in the direction of our passion, simple story of Discovering Chef Barry is another example of PASSION meeting PURPOSE;

Life Coaching can get us to discover our passion and purpose

November 19th was #InternationalMensDay when the time is taken to celebrate our men making a positive contribution to the family and other areas of society. We begin by sharing an interview with one man who overcame the trials of coming from an abusive home to providing a safe and secure emotional and otherwise for his girls

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Dr. Carol Dweck got straight to the point….

we eventually choose our Mindset as we approach situations, relationships or life in general

Our Mindset decides how we think about challenges and change…

Growth Mindset…..“A mistake is valuable if you do four things with it: recognize it, admit it, learn from it, forget it.” ― John Wooden 

That is easy because the growth mindset views qualities as always in process with the potential for improvement, so mistakes are not failures but opportunities to do better

Fixed Mindset… some are bright/some are dumb, you are either good at it or not, protect people’s perceptions of your talents/gifts…

The fixed mindset puts us under constant stress, especially with how quickly information is shared now, we are always protecting our turf, even when or if …1) it is not necessary or 2) protecting our turf means denying ourselves a future bigger benefit

We become obsessed with getting it right, over getting better and better…

Great news!  We can Fix Our Life…by learning how to work in the growth mindset where we appreciate that we are all a work in progress and so we need not be afraid to suck! 

We are in the information age….which is simply an advancement of the introduction of the ‘printing press’ ….what does it mean?

It means that the Press, Media Houses are mega important to our social cultural psychological life….

we need to be informed whether we use offline or online sources or a combination of both….so most if not all of us have love for our Press and recognize the importance of Freedom of the Press….

but wait ..not so fast…not so fast! …

even with all that love…. is it enough to say Happy World Press Freedom Day or to say…

The World (better) Press Freedom Day!

Here is why?….We press and public alike better Press Freedom Day because;

  • Evaluating press freedom around the world

So let us evaluate; the Press has freedom to protect its sources, to promote awareness of important information….who decides what information is important to make it Press worthy and what information is stifled and considered not Press worthy…and because of the importance of the Press, this 1 decision can have mega effects globally…so sure support for freedom of the Press…but this is the group that is leading our age in a big way since they deal with the collateral of  our times “INFORMATION” …so the Public better Press freedom day and monitor the Press for good ethical practices and policies by ensuring they have the relevant monitoring bodies 

  • Defending the media from attacks on their independence

Of course….even with these monitoring bodies we realize that many would love to control the Press and media and with good sure it is important to support media independence…but then again what about when the media goes on and on and on without limits making difficult for ‘persons of interest’ to live their life independently because of making them the Press star of the moment…paparazzi anyone  does being independent make it okay to sensationalize someone’s life for views ….guess we all better Press Freedom

  • Paying tribute to journalists who have lost their lives in the exercise of their profession

And of course our journalists and the like ought to be able to carry out their profession with freedom from fear, bullying and sabotage..can we all do the same? 

  • Serving as an occasion to inform citizens of violations of press freedom

Okay great so on a mega ideal level we have a conversation going…but what about those Monica’s out there (yes it was so intense, a last name is not even required) 

  • Journalists, editors and publishers are harassed, attacked, detained and even murdered

No no no we cannot agree to harassment of our Press…yet under the radar…abuse by proxy takes place and it is when someone in authority engages the media to target for harassment their ‘person of interest’ 

So encouraging and developing initiatives in favour of press freedom, and to assess the state of press freedom worldwide …

what is the state of press freedom worldwide? guess it depends on where we are standing…either way we all better Press World Freedom Day…press and public alike and encourage and develop initiatives in favour of ‘press freedom’ and by that we do mean ‘press freedom’ = freedom for press & freedom for public to support free information flow

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This is going to be short and NOT sweet…


How to know when we are dealing with a Narcissist?

  1. Our thoughts = 0
  2. Our words = 0
  3. Our actions =0

Why? Because everything ALWAYS gives the same result 

X marking the spot where the Narcissist must be….


EVERYWHERE ….everyday..every time…24/7

when dealing with a Narcissist we remain a 0 entity


So its Easter Weekend…Happy Easter!

not everyone is of that belief to celebrate Easter/…..

But do you know a related idea that seems eXtremely Universal


THE word Rise has been used in many contexts…in many speeches…the idea of

“we shall rise” “yet sill I rise” “we rise!” “rising sun” “Let’s Rise up!”

when we hear or speak about rise it is usually about …











RISE is about healthy movement from a lower position to a more desirable position…..

so this Easter….how is your RISE going?

WTH! you think…you have been dating and met quite a few potential partners then suddenly whoop! there it is or here it is …34 and single….

It helps to consider this;

  • you are not alone…unfortunately this is especially true according to statistics for black women
  • trends indicate that many women across ethnicity and countries are coupling/marrying later

It does not help that;

  • the social and familial pressures and expectations remain
  • there might be a personal desire or even life goal that can no longer be met especially if it was one of those SMART  goals set for between 30-35

Moving Beyond 34 and Single;

We each and every one of us would find ourselves on that part of social norms where we are applauded and made to feel good about ourselves and on that part of social norms where we are made to feel partly or feel disappointed or as if we have disappointed.

Create your own life…

“But more than this she did it her way!”….. think that is how the song goes…

shhhh….tell you a secret…the World cannot handle every woman becoming a radical and going against the norms..what would happen to our species … (secret finished) that being said we might be able to appreciate how the social pressures to couple and copulate are actually quite helpful and needful to our species…

It’s nothing personal….

so if you did wake up 34 and single or might be soon…here are some tips;

  • live your life to its fullest and be all you can be
  • understand that while we belong to groups and have things in common with our group in some ways we will be different and that’s okay
  • know that there are now lots more options for dating and mate selection in today’s World
  • if fertility and baby making is a concern there are lots of options for that as well…

and if need be …can always log on for a session or 2 to carryon living your best life and being your best you @ 


Ah boy! it’s 2018…………..

This is just an 18 day old message in 2018. Have you ever heard someone exclaim “ah boy!” well it good be a good sort of ah boy and then again

so 2018 ah boy! 2018

It’s early days yet and while we cannot control all things and everything we can do what we can to help support the kind of ah boy! we would want

Same Ole Same Ole

It takes about 2 weeks to begin really working in a new behaviour, 21 days to get it more firmly rooted… so at day 18 we can make an honest check on what type of ah boy exclamation we are working on…

if the excitement of the New Year has long worn off and we have fallen into our routine … then that ah boY! 2018 might just be a repeat of any ah boy! we might have said in any year in 2008 even… with its irritations…

A new Ah Boy!

Because its only 18 days though its early days yet and a great time to make that check to notice if we have already given up our little medium or big things we were going to work on…

as mentioned life is far from perfect so yes there will be those irritations and so forth…

but what about the things we can do something about would it not be nice to exclaim an ah boy of satisfaction for 2018…

that’s where #lifecoaching comes in

Ah boy! Life coaching for turning thinking into action

A life coach partners with you to make those things we have some input into to make those things happen… so embrace your opportunity while its early yet to exclaim ah boy! 2018 ah boy! to your utter most delight