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Life coaching is a partnership between client and life coach to move toward making the desired outcome a reality. So how much is too much to pay to make your dreams come true? 

This is not a high-brand product that might eventually be renewed/replaced or repaired, this is a service that brings to you whatever ‘products’ or tangible outcomes you wish be it in an intimate relationship, a parent-child relationship, on the field in sports, at work, in a buisness… an outcome that would have an avalanche effect of bringing even more great results your way… in other words the rewards are invaluable

Imagine walking up to someone and having a conversation and then they agree with you, to keep working together until you get what you want once you keep your end of the bargain, and you already know you are prepared to keep your end of the bargain…is that not priceless really?

Well that is life coaching for you…so while $200CAD or $1000TTD might on the surface seem like a lot for one coaching session and a follow-up…really how much would you pay to make your desires a reality?

Teacher Appreciation Week…

let us be honest shall we…its really more like lecturer appreciation week,

for our World filled with focus on fame and glory, neglect the beginning phases and focus on the end where we read of the success story,

So the higher the schooling time, the more we praise and let that teacher/lecturer shine,

Yet how ironic it is, that the first two years makes a difference between a resilient child, an emotionally at risk child and one with the full potential to be a wiz, the first 7 years the personality has some solid traits that will basically play a big part in working toward future grades

Yet we focus on the big and often forget the small or reverse the idea of the contributing factor to the child potential

So this Teacher Appreciation Week how about we seek to really discover how children develop and the great significance of the fact that we walk only after we creep and if you have a little one that is quite small, do not wait until later to really pick up the ball simply to be focused on seeing his/her name on that wall, for by the time they hit 9 and 10 and beyond the ground work has a lot to do with what is or is not going on….

Happy Teachers Week to one and all and especially to those who work with the #small

Dear Positive Psychology People, Whatsoever we believe as true becomes true. One main difference between those of us who CHOOSE daily 👣 to have our positive psychology turned on and those who do not…is the idea of getting ahead in life….. Who or what can truly stop us from getting ahead in life? Okay so some say my parents, others say the government, some say circumstances….but guess what the one thing that prevents us from getting ahead in life is OUR 👿💭 thoughts…Yes people can but obstacles…Yes we all have different life circumstances and some of us have come into tough circumstances…Yes people can be out to “get” us…yet it is for us to increase or decrease what is presented….and when we are blocked or feel blocked we can sit and have a PIT😢 Part😭 or we can accept that it is what it is and pull out our Positive Psychology…


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Dear Positive Psychology People, 

We are in the DIGITAL AGE also a part of the INFORMATION AGE…

so what do you think is a big ?


The answer got 3 steps:

  1. M.I. 

Manage Information…we have so much information coming at us from everywhere and anywhere….so for some it works against them because they are being pushed and pulled every which way

A Positive Psychology Person makes things into strengths…so we know we have lots of information and we begin to get MILK by

Managing Information

  1. M.I.

Cool so now the information you want is there…this is the age of stalking and snooping…we want to know..because we…then what

A Positive Psychology Person when they get information recognize it is currency like money and so then begin to master they might connect it to information they had before or get some more information and create understanding… that way we get MILK that is best for

Master Information

  1. L.K.

What is the point of having information, understanding the information and doing nothing…opps or then sharing it or hastaging it ..really?

A Positive Psychology Person now considers how can my understanding of this information benefit myself and others, and my community, how might it be used to serve others to solve a problem to shed new light on a situation


Leverage Knowledge  

Dear Positive Psychology People, 

There is something surely that moves us when we look on at people doing things that we could only describe as superhuman usually its simply us being in awe at what ever the person is able to do. So much so that we create a special space for these people

Truth be told these people who do this do it because they recognize and embrace their humanness with all its limitations. Its the most ironic thing that the more we embrace our humanness with our limitations and then move froward purposefully and focused holding a positive and useful mindset is the more we can expand what it means being our humanness and when we do that we begin to search out more the things that we need to made ‘that thing’ happen whatever ‘that thing’ might be and the more the Universe also supports us.

How to let go of the uncontrollable?


Try as Ana May might she was unable to pull from her beloved Dick the love and commitment she wanted from her relationship and her Anabel was not doing the trick…

Postpartum ….

This was no ordinary postpartum but the type that came because of a mourning for a relationship that was …the type that came because the child trick had not worked ..

so “I starve you starve”

Anabel would now become exposed to what Ana was exposed to as a child…

NOT being loved for the essence of who they were but being loved if and only if…

Anabel got love when or if her baby actions were interpreted as comforting Ana

Anabel got love when or if someone mentioned how much she resembled her daddy

Anabel got love when or if Ana needed to feel indispensable…

(outside of that Anabel was deemed a nuisance and a trigger for Ana May’s postpartum depression …she took time away from Ana May being able to mourn and track down her Dick)

Without realizing it Anabel was creating another her…another woman who was being conditioned from early that they were not worthy of love just because they were naturally worthy but only when or if they made the object of their desire happy..only if or when they worked tirelessly to please the object of their affections and even so another woman was being conditioned that no matter what they did they would never become loved for who they were in a real way for they were always there to simply be useful to another just as Anabel was a tool to save a relationship

The truth can be a bitter pill but it can also be our saving grace if worked through….What would become of Ana May….

Tune in next week for more as Ana May goes back in time 

if you or someone you know can relate….related sessions @

if you are a parent struggling to not do what Ana May is doing listen here

so Ana could not believe after … all the years….

after …all the tears

after..all the shares

how could Dick cheat on her…Dick was his name ironically enough…

but Ana knew what she would do…she must get an ASSISTANT…

what or who would be her assistant …she needed to spy on Dick and discover his deepest longing…giving him his deepest longing would be her ASSISTANT … sure enough Ana discovered that what Dick wanted more than anything was a beautiful bouncing baby girl …Ana and Dick already had a boy…

now how could Ana make this happen? Ana had always heard of these people with special powers and now she needed one…Ana went to the place they told her and got her potion…Dick did not stand a chance

sure enough Ana became pregnant and knowing Dick’s love of family and his desire for a bouncing baby girl she knew she had him….

Welcome beautiful Anabel

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Tune in next Week for Ana and Anabel 

Anabel became her assistant since Anabel was to become her Saviour! It is Anabel who would give back to Ana the life again she found when she found her beloved Dick.

As time passed though and Anabel grew Ana realized that her new Assistant could not hold the affections of her beloved…..and so it began threats to end it all…to run away so that Dick could not see Anabel unless…until he ends that affair ….

But did Dick oblige? No…. and so now Ana was not just left with the threat of her dreams falling  apart but with a baby who had already outlived her usefulness….now Ana found herself with Postpartum Depression

Dear Positive Psychology People, 

Our greatest fear is not living! Let us get this clear, not the inevitable of death and dying that we know comes at some point, no the choice of existence versus living fully.

Positive Psychology People live courageous;

  • we dare to accept life with all it offers to us and that includes the reality that we are given a gift with limits and one of them is death…because we get that
  • we dare to love …for as Mahatma Ghandi put it “where there is love there is life!” so as positive psychology people our lives are filled with love … love of some purpose …love of people…love of the present…love of …. and because of that
  • we dare to live a life of thanksgiving…everyday every moment is a gift of some sort and so our thoughts, our attitudes, our behaviours reflect a thankfulness for the little things in each moment
  • we dare to forgive because the reality of death motivates us to not want to move burdened
  • we dare though to not forget what experiences taught us but to learn for we know that life is purposeful and understanding too its limited we strive to draw what we can from the experiences
  • we dare then to live and share and support for we realize that like it or not there is a part of all who have passed this way before that would live on in some shape or form through another

So because we accept death…as positive psychology people we die a little with each experience…

let me explain….In her song Taylor Swift says ‘the old Taylor Swift is dead’ …and as Positive Psychology People we are always dying to old habits and being reborn to new habits…dying to ancient viewpoints and being reborn into new paradigms…and it goes on and on….

Are you a Positive Psychology Person?… or are you one who does not dare to live because of the fear of death…in other words being afraid to try and succeed and be happy because of a fear that something must go wrong and take it all away…what many don’t know is that is actually the fear of death showing itself in another form …. related sessions @ 

Karry-on Services on Managing Transition…

Motivational Audio exploring the how to for managing our many life transitions.

Eventually we get there though the age might vary… the questions we all must answer include one major one .. what now?

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