Moving you forward one step at a time


There are some challenges…that are easy as pie

There are some challenges where we try and try

There are some challenges…..

some challenges are not the one and done

some challenges are not nice not fun…

It is then we learn that Eating Elephants Fast Feeds Frustration

so How do you eat an elephant? …. one bite at a time…

the idea is whether we are dealing with a habit we want to end, a challenge in a relationship, learning a new skill/behaviour, or dealing with something in the workplace, etc. etc….

sometimes we need to learn that it is like an elephant  

AND so we reduce our frustration when we can ….

move forward very slowly…. and appreciating small sometimes minute/tiny victories…and #keepgoing….focusing on the tiny progress made instead of how much farther there is to go…. and keep focusing on the #now with that feeling of gratitude

Other Option

keep trying to….

Eat that Monkey Fast …. & Feed Frustration…

and possibly even threaten our peace..and mental wellbeing



Teacher Appreciation Week…

let us be honest shall we…its really more like lecturer appreciation week,

for our World filled with focus on fame and glory, neglect the beginning phases and focus on the end where we read of the success story,

So the higher the schooling time, the more we praise and let that teacher/lecturer shine,

Yet how ironic it is, that the first two years makes a difference between a resilient child, an emotionally at risk child and one with the full potential to be a wiz, the first 7 years the personality has some solid traits that will basically play a big part in working toward future grades

Yet we focus on the big and often forget the small or reverse the idea of the contributing factor to the child potential

So this Teacher Appreciation Week how about we seek to really discover how children develop and the great significance of the fact that we walk only after we creep and if you have a little one that is quite small, do not wait until later to really pick up the ball simply to be focused on seeing his/her name on that wall, for by the time they hit 9 and 10 and beyond the ground work has a lot to do with what is or is not going on….

Happy Teachers Week to one and all and especially to those who work with the #small

On reviewing Mind Gym, Ben Grenshaw noted;

” Believing in yourself is paramount to success for any athlete”

Life is a Game

Mind Gym is a perfect explanation of what we enter when we enter this life…each experience we meet challenges us to exercise our minds…those of us who think/feel/act for one minute as if we can cruise through this life lazy about exercising our minds, we wake one day to discover that others are


and this F.A.T. is often times unhealthy…. so today for starters what sort of exercises have you began in your Mind Gym?

Even for athletes guess what Yogi Berra said;

” Ninety percent of the game is half mental”

And trust me I’ve been there and we all either have been there or will get there…

Where is there? That place where you need to train @ your Mind Gym a bit more often and a bit harder because of the road ahead…to really be able to deal with that marathon/obstacle course …..

So to all our Gym goers looking nice and fit….remember what Bruce Jenner said; 

” you have to train your mind like you train your body”

because what you think affects how you feel and perform…

Happy Performing People!

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Dear Positive Psychology People, Whatsoever we believe as true becomes true. One main difference between those of us who CHOOSE daily 👣 to have our positive psychology turned on and those who do not…is the idea of getting ahead in life….. Who or what can truly stop us from getting ahead in life? Okay so some say my parents, others say the government, some say circumstances….but guess what the one thing that prevents us from getting ahead in life is OUR 👿💭 thoughts…Yes people can but obstacles…Yes we all have different life circumstances and some of us have come into tough circumstances…Yes people can be out to “get” us…yet it is for us to increase or decrease what is presented….and when we are blocked or feel blocked we can sit and have a PIT😢 Part😭 or we can accept that it is what it is and pull out our Positive Psychology…


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Sometimes when meeting a Mr. Adan Mother-May-I a partner might notice that he behaves as if;

  • his life is a movie &
  • he is heavily manipulated and guided by a desire to please his mother

and so of course the partner thinks and feels if only he could understand what is happening and so the partner does not ‘give up’ on him but seeks to help him to understand….

and he would if only he could….

more often than not though… is the partner who needs the help because for better or for worse…

Mr. Adan Mother-May-I …. is A Host 

He is like an empty vessel that entertains the bidding of others… this he does for his very survival for it is all he has ever known…from the beginning of time he has existed for mama….

Coming to this realization can be one of the most sad and horrifying experiences… support @ 


So when it comes to athletics its easy to appreciate the need to stay in your lane….

When it comes to everyday life though some of us do find it hard to …..”stay in our lane” simply because we are ….


Being addicted to helping might be the result of being deeply empathetic so we truly can in a very real way enter into the experiences of another…

But even so when we find it hard to STAY IN OUR LANE especially when there was no sign that the person desires help….then is it really about the other or about some need within us?

Being addicted to helping might be the result of a deep need to always be needed…and so we seek out opportunities to cross lanes…we find ourselves most times attracted to people who are more like projects

Getting D.Q.

In athletics we can get D.Q. or disqualified

In life we can find ourselves experiencing high stress levels if we don’t ask that Deeper Question….what makes it so hard to


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Dear Positive Psychology People,

Do you know what often leads to “psychosis” or moving away from reality? It is when our reality has become 2 harsh…. that we can easily employ a


where we refuse to accept the reality

where we refuse to view the situation for what it actually is’

where we focus on what should and should and should

Our psychology is strengthened 

when  we accept harsh

when we accept the seriousness and severity of the situation  

when we realize it cannot be ‘business as usual’ 

when we realize that life is now demanding that we become a different and better person who is able to deal and heal 


So to all out there harsh comes in different ways forms and times and we can choose INSANITY or ACCEPT HARSH!

This is going to be short and NOT sweet…


How to know when we are dealing with a Narcissist?

  1. Our thoughts = 0
  2. Our words = 0
  3. Our actions =0

Why? Because everything ALWAYS gives the same result 

X marking the spot where the Narcissist must be….


EVERYWHERE ….everyday..every time…24/7

when dealing with a Narcissist we remain a 0 entity


Enjoying an exercise walk this morning and almost completing our walk we noticed a DOG approaching…

Now of course we are both there wondering…

Who let the DOGS out?  

Looking up there is this cute uncle-grandpa like aged man and a quite fluffy fierce full-figured DOG…

So now you understand the name of this Blog?

But seriously how often do we stay there wondering …

Who let the DOGS out?

It might be some





And let’s be real here unless we are

Nancy Drew ….or

Sherlock Holmes

Is there really a need to know?…..

Or would our efforts be better placed on …

dealing with the matter

opening ourselves to explore available supporting resources

getting professional advice or support if required

securing a solution

Have a Great Day!

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Dear Positive Psychology People, 

We are in the DIGITAL AGE also a part of the INFORMATION AGE…

so what do you think is a big ?


The answer got 3 steps:

  1. M.I. 

Manage Information…we have so much information coming at us from everywhere and anywhere….so for some it works against them because they are being pushed and pulled every which way

A Positive Psychology Person makes things into strengths…so we know we have lots of information and we begin to get MILK by

Managing Information

  1. M.I.

Cool so now the information you want is there…this is the age of stalking and snooping…we want to know..because we…then what

A Positive Psychology Person when they get information recognize it is currency like money and so then begin to master they might connect it to information they had before or get some more information and create understanding… that way we get MILK that is best for

Master Information

  1. L.K.

What is the point of having information, understanding the information and doing nothing…opps or then sharing it or hastaging it ..really?

A Positive Psychology Person now considers how can my understanding of this information benefit myself and others, and my community, how might it be used to serve others to solve a problem to shed new light on a situation


Leverage Knowledge