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November 19th was #InternationalMensDay when the time is taken to celebrate our men making a positive contribution to the family and other areas of society. We begin by sharing an interview with one man who overcame the trials of coming from an abusive home to providing a safe and secure emotional and otherwise for his girls

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As a therapist heard it many times…”she hurls …

all sort of remarks, almost daring me to hit her, at the slightest retaliation she launches a physical assault, just don’t want to hit her that is not how I was brought up”…

does she hit….????????????????????

Even with all the advancement in Women’s Rights our particular approach to sex and sexuality and real relationships positioning the men as hunters and women as passive hunted leaves many men haunted by the thoughts of “what went wrong” as the relationship ends with the man realizing he was outwitted by his ‘docile little lady’ and might it just be that women at times take advantage on stubborn perceptions … sadly it might be a show of real Genuine Gender Genius  

DISCLAIMER: This is not an endorsement on relationship infidelity or women causing distress to men but merely a commentary on some often ignored gender dynamics in relationship  

In so many ways we get pushed and pulled in many directions because of our age 

In so many ways we get harassed, feel frustrated with ourselves because we have not done what is expected for our age or by our age


In so many ways we become less of our true self and have our time spent here on this planet work against us instead of for us because of what we believe about our age

In what age will we wake up and realize that as we age only we can determine if we become gracious and graceful or diseased and distressful most of us are of age to make a choice and choice is one thing we have a lot of in this day and age  

Life coaching for Self Enhancement creating the desired life age and all

In the first entry focus was on that male energy and essence … our Universe is so inclined to balance that it often creates a yin and yang  of energy flow…. 

so then we can hardly speak of man without a direct or indirect of the woman …

and so once again as we approach International Men’s Day there might be some areas that we can reflect …

Introducing the Modern Day Woman 

Undeniably women have changed over the centuries and decades into our nowadays modern woman … and we wonder how has this changed energy around woman impacted the energy and the essence that is man…

Some have argued this new woman of today has gone right over into the man of old territory and taken some of what would usually be a his only domain…

Generally as a group too women have become both more aggressive and assertive…

What then has been happening as a result of all of this with the energy flow between the genders? and more so how is this new woman sending out energy signals to man to compliment her energy? Have men as a group been in agreement with forming a complimentary energy for this new woman? When we look at gender issues  such as intimate partner violence might there be any contribution from this matter of unsettled energy flow? And what of relationship dynamics and marriage and divorce rates might this in any way be connected to energy flows between the man and woman?

It is easy to speak to men’s issues whether to commend or to condemn but a main thing is that for there to be an essence and energy called man there must be an equal and opposite energy and both energies continually impact upon each other. 

As we turn a bit towards our men then we are basically turning toward our women too and asking how this complimentary energy has been showing itself in men’s matters.

Yin & Yang 


There is a certain energy that varies between that of a man and a woman…. 

energy- strength and vitality required to keep active

There is a certain essence that makes something what it is and so there is a certain essence that is man…

essence- the basic or most important feature of something

As we move into celebrating International Men’s Day there are two things that might be worth some deeper consideration;

  1. As the World is changing and we have more openness on homosexual males and new gender definitions…who is keeping active the strength and vitality of the heterosexual man… how is the heterosexual man defining himself and protecting his definition of who he is….

In connection with this point to is the reality that today men includes a variety of men.. heterosexual men and homosexual men and this is simply the reality .. how will these two main groups work together for an understanding of men and manhood.. or will the homosexual man be used to threaten the heterosexual man and vice versa and if so then is there a threat to men on the whole … a group divided against itself cannot stand… so who will awaken and allow each man to define and guard how he defines himself and to protect the boundaries that each man puts upon himself…this the New World that men must negotiate

  1. And with all the variations of the heterosexual male.. the metro male/the alpha male/the modernized male… and the variation of  the homosexual male… the closeted or bearded homosexual male/the cross dressing homosexual male … who again will determine the real essence of what or who is a heterosexual male and what or who is a homosexual male

Or is it that part of being male of being man is being one’s own man and being comfortable in his own skin…

It is International Men’s Day and media, women and the like have know problem telling men who they are but the question as we approach the day is in this modern world who are our men?