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Narcissistic Abuse

All Caught Up about being seen when as man (like Shaggy) we get in

Into the intimate private parts of another

If we do not want a partner to know we do not bother

Do not bother to admit we were there

And basically say by words or actions…go get the prove “it’s a dare”

Put how often again and again the prove is in the pudding when we eat

And it does not matter if we insist “we did not cheat”

for often enough we






either the partner, the one who said catch me if you can, or the one who was thought to be the other outside person

And #hate and #hurt are two powerful emotions

that gives lots of energies and devotions

to all connected to the one who says “prove it first”

and many times when people are feeling #hate or #hurt they make choices for the worst

So please take care when dealing with the emotions of others…and #beware of getting


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Adan Mother-May-I 




Mr. Adan Mother-May-I is always on stage….

everything is about appears

everything is about the glitters & the glamour….

so he does everything to seduce & entice the partner who for him would make him look good …..

and this training he would have gotten from MaMa….for MaMa is who Mr. Adan continues to work to prove to that he is “good enough”

What does it mean for his partner?  

His PARTNER is expected to act as he desires

His partner is expected to read his signals to guide their behavior

His partner must never question for Mr. Mother-May-I knows best

What if the partner complains? 

Son And Mama Manipulate You…..

they DO WHAT THEY HAVE TO to convince the partner that going against their suggestions would be a very unwise decision..not sometimes..but ALWAYS….

What sort of person then is best suited to Mr. Adan Mother-May-I? 

THE partner PREPARED to LOSE their SELF!


This is going to be short and NOT sweet…


How to know when we are dealing with a Narcissist?

  1. Our thoughts = 0
  2. Our words = 0
  3. Our actions =0

Why? Because everything ALWAYS gives the same result 

X marking the spot where the Narcissist must be….


EVERYWHERE ….everyday..every time…24/7

when dealing with a Narcissist we remain a 0 entity


Richard Must-B-Joking after doing his last discard was ready to approach Ms. Say-What but he had already began his narcissistic behaviors with Ms. Say What….

  • creating dramas
  • having a third party lover
  • leaving her guessing
  • letting her know she should try to understand him
  • ghosting or disappearing and reappearing

but he was okay even with Ms. Say What declarations that it was over…


because there was another strategy that ALWAYS worked for Richard…

it’s called #lovebombing ..

where he uses others and the media to communicate forever fairy tale love to his target….

but to his surprise Ms. Say What knows the narcissistic abusive tricks traps and cycles and remains uninterested…

BEWARE IF YOU ARE AT THIS POINT with your #narcissist and remain adamant of no interest they can try to hurt you so do #protect yourself and do know that to go back is to re-enter a #cycleofABUSE …

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East or West he explains it does not matter… there are more appealing things that having character he explains…how much like is my life worth he explains… do we understand that a generation is being created that are losing themselves….and are not taking themselves to find themselves beyond what they are told from others…do we understand that there are people who will stop at nothing to maintain an impression…and literally stop at nothing…

yet we feed this everyday and some of us introduce it to our children before they can even speak….and unfortunately like he says they become prisoners to the pain of always feeling not good enough for there worth is now fully based on being who they think people want them to…

and so he sadly declares “I am I am I am a sick boy!” (and he is using boy as we use man) so girls are included 

#narcissism when or if you get into a relationship with someone like this just bow down and never rise…if you want it to work anytime you raise your head…trouble

unfortunately the best they can offer is their partner being part of keeping up an image and if you dare do anything against it well..and know this their partner is just like their cellphone just their to help create perfect selfies


As a therapist and life-coach it is sad, surprising and amazing how many of us believe in this…


Here is why we can NEVER (yes NEVER) WASTE TIME….

  1. While we separate time into parts for our discussion and convenience..time is ongoing…it ends when we move on from this life as we know it…time =the unlimited continued progress of existence and events in the past, present and future  …..
  2. We place a limit on time because we have a boxed-in view of what is possible during what time period of our lives..yet if we are honest we know of people who prove differently and continue to do so..which brings us to the next reason
  3. We all spend/invest/use do with our time exactly what we choose to….for example..let us say we were waiting in line for somethings and then when we get to the front it says come back tomorrow …we might say it was a waste of time ..was it really? thing is we choose to use our time just as we wanted to…
  4. What then does waste mean? waste=use more of something than is necessary useful….as individuals we decide how much time we consider necessary and or useful…so when we make use of that amount of time what we do to say after that it was a waste of time is to disrespect our process
  5. To claim to waste time is to disown our unique life and experience and basically who we chose to be in our past and it just opens the gateway for regrets…
  6. Regrets are simply egocentric focused rantings that serve no purpose..egocentric…it is all about if “I” and “I” AND “i” and the I that we speak of chose, acted and decided in the past so why not just really respect the same “I” that we are now focused on…

For support in living in the present and becoming your best self…

Why is it that some people seem to get it right on the money when it comes to choosing a mate? and others struggle for want of just finding a decent date…

Now mind you as a single therapist and life coach I do probably fall into the later group (well not exactly) maybe somewhat…


many factors might be influencing how we date and how easy or difficult it might be….location, approach to dating, preferences, age, ethnicity, background lots of things….

Different Dating Experiences

On average once we are fairly healthy we can expect to have varying dating experiences…

However our red flags might do well to go up if or when…

we notice a pattern and are moved to ask….

“Why are so many toxic partners drawn to me?”

Here are some of the possible answers that might be helpful;

  • There is a general feeling of unworthiness or unloveableness within ..and its so subtle that it might only be noticed in our quiet moment or during therapy or in conversation with a trusted friend
  • There is a genuine fear of closeness linked to a fear of eventually being abandoned …”just like what happened to mommy/daddy” that even as an adult we find difficult to shake off
  • There is a tendency to equate love with being needed and so most of the people we attract or are attracted to need us first and foremost and unfortunately emotionally abusive persons can also sense this and are drawn to this tendency but to our hurt….
  • There was a pattern shown before of one parent being toxic and the other parent working on the relationship and sometimes we choose to become like the parent who works on the relationship and so are drawn to and seek out sometimes unconsciously toxic partners to repeat that pattern but this time to do it successfully

These are just some of the answers to “why so many toxic partners are drawn to me? …