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New Year Resolutions

A Pencil Maker pulled a pencil aside and told him before sending you into the World, here are 5 things to always remember;

  1. You have the ability to do great things but you would need guidance and mentors along the way
  2. You would experience tough periods where you are sharpened, endure it so you come out better
  3. You would make mistakes, mistakes can be dealt with
  4. You might look attractive or unattractive to people, but remember your most important part is on the inside
  5. You are being sent into the World to leave your mark

The pencil took note and was ready to go out into the World with purpose

*Tale adapted from ‘Parable of the Pencil’ ~ Author Unknown

Enjoying an exercise walk this morning and almost completing our walk we noticed a DOG approaching…

Now of course we are both there wondering…

Who let the DOGS out?  

Looking up there is this cute uncle-grandpa like aged man and a quite fluffy fierce full-figured DOG…

So now you understand the name of this Blog?

But seriously how often do we stay there wondering …

Who let the DOGS out?

It might be some





And let’s be real here unless we are

Nancy Drew ….or

Sherlock Holmes

Is there really a need to know?…..

Or would our efforts be better placed on …

dealing with the matter

opening ourselves to explore available supporting resources

getting professional advice or support if required

securing a solution

Have a Great Day!

and just reminding 24/7 access for #onlinetherapy or #lifecoaching and we use #livechat @

Ah boy! it’s 2018…………..

This is just an 18 day old message in 2018. Have you ever heard someone exclaim “ah boy!” well it good be a good sort of ah boy and then again

so 2018 ah boy! 2018

It’s early days yet and while we cannot control all things and everything we can do what we can to help support the kind of ah boy! we would want

Same Ole Same Ole

It takes about 2 weeks to begin really working in a new behaviour, 21 days to get it more firmly rooted… so at day 18 we can make an honest check on what type of ah boy exclamation we are working on…

if the excitement of the New Year has long worn off and we have fallen into our routine … then that ah boY! 2018 might just be a repeat of any ah boy! we might have said in any year in 2008 even… with its irritations…

A new Ah Boy!

Because its only 18 days though its early days yet and a great time to make that check to notice if we have already given up our little medium or big things we were going to work on…

as mentioned life is far from perfect so yes there will be those irritations and so forth…

but what about the things we can do something about would it not be nice to exclaim an ah boy of satisfaction for 2018…

that’s where #lifecoaching comes in

Ah boy! Life coaching for turning thinking into action

A life coach partners with you to make those things we have some input into to make those things happen… so embrace your opportunity while its early yet to exclaim ah boy! 2018 ah boy! to your utter most delight 

We have a relationship to just about everything and everyone in some way….

One of our most impacting relationships is the one we develop with life & living…

A very common approach to life & living is ….

Survival MODE

And this some say is the thing we inherited from our ancestors who were more exposed to the wild and had to always be on the alert for that approaching tiger….

Yes, yes true enough with all the news and things happening around us most of us feel that we are still operating in the wild where we must always be ready to ‘fight’ or ‘flight’

But thing is that this relationship to life and living causes us to just hit the bear minimum and expect just that… “swphwee! survived another day!”

And of course we do need to survive, literally…

But we really put ourselves in an even better position when we work toward thriving … going beyond in our thoughts and working toward more than simply getting through the job today, getting through taking care of the children or whatever it is we have to attend to

SMART Thriving 

smart thriving is when we work to find purpose in every single thing that we do… no matter how insignificant it might seem… we look for the meaning that it has for us and or for someone else we might care for or want to help or support in some way…that way we

+ joy + peace +energy + resilience +positivity and most of all we +the chances of attracting more than simply the bare essentials

It’s 2018 and we were all Born To Thrive

For those who might want to improve that relationship to life & living…life coaching available @

Well here we are concluding another 12 month cycle. Whether we do it openly or not we generally do a little reflection of how things went.

Here’s a question…. Did you simply Blend In for 2017?

Blend In=looked around noted what everyone else is doing, the paths everyone else is taking and then jumping on board one of those…well if we did that photo above just about sums it up; 

  • We are hardly motivated to get out of bed…because everyday is same ole same ole repeated pattern
  • We begin to look like our walls… alive but not really alive to life and all we might be able to embrace and enjoy
  • We restrict ourselves to one little area and think and behave as if that is the World instead of opening up to learn, try new experiences

For 2018 what if we create kindness?

Why to ourselves of course. Kindness created to and for ourselves happen when;

  • We decide to blend in #no more….and really tune into ourselves and what we want
  • We decide to blend in #nomore ….as we actually move beyond talk and take action to go after what we want
  • We decide to blend in #nomore…when we keep respecting our uniqueness and our intuition and use it to make decisions

Sure it’s a New Year tomorrow but tomorrow only comes when we choose change today



After 12 months could you imagine the amount of garbage we would have if we never threw out our garbage?

Well we are in the 12th month and all of us have collected some people and things along the way that are no longer useful;

  1. People no longer on our frequency or mindset

As people going through daily life and experiences, we are learning and understanding new things and after a year we definitely are not the same people we started out as. And what happens sometimes is that we grow apart from some people….and or we realize that some people were never actually acting in our best interest…now if we continue along with these people into the next few months…we are moving with a heavy carry on that would only bear us down and become a burden… throw out (its being kind to all involved) 

sometimes we might need to heal some hurt to really make this happen…online therapy @

  1. Bad mind and Bad habits

What do we mean by bad mind and bad habits… it’s those things we do and how we tend to think that

Become A Detriment … in other words they do not serve us and act in our best interest   ….. throw out

instead Build A Determination …. and move toward working on new ways of thinking and behaving 

life coaching is great for this @

  1. Everything Actually Toxic 

We all know that toxins are not good for us. Sometimes though we take in toxins unaware. Other times we do it because we cannot imagine anything better. Well it is a New Year and its a perfect time to throw out some toxins and bring in things that can transform our lives and provide some freshness, liveliness and vitality.   

sometimes it might mean understanding our tendency to hurt ourselves …online therapy …or it might just mean learning how to bring in some fresh ways … life coaching

There is time yet to throw out our garbage…….

Even as we can now count the days left from 1 to 10… lots of us Worldwide are gearing again either openly or quietly to resolve to stop and or start somethings…

The funny thing about life is that we do not get to redo from the time it starts …

let me explain

sometimes people say things like “all unfair games get played over” or with relationships “let’s start over” …. but unless we could go back and freeze the past there is technically and in reality no such thing since the game of the present is already impacted by the game of the present and the players now have become better or worse for that ‘unfair game’ … whatever happened in that relationship will irreversibly impact decisions and views going forward again fro better or worse even if one or both are now purposed to make the relationship work

How does this link to New Year Resolutions?

The New Year is new in that it is a fresh 12 month cycle but its old as in we are carrying over our lived lives hence each year we get old-ER ….

so there is a bit of not so true idea in new year resolutions since what we are really doing is continuing to move toward improvement by saying we want to do more of and do less of …

so often though we hold it, the resolution as something outside ourselves to get to and that we sometimes never reach at the end of the 12 months

The idea of Refurbishing is different

If or when we think about .. ‘hmm how an I going to refurbish myself for this new year’ its encouraging because it honours the current you with all the past experiences, quirks, weaknesses and flaws. It is motivating that there is no need for perfection just positive progress. It’s encouraging because it can be taken one little move at a time. And even as the work is going on you can admire the process instead on waiting to finally have perfectly added or stopped whatever it is.

How about we do ourselves a favour… leave off the resolutions and go toward 2018 Refurbishings!

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Finally, it’s 2011, how do you feel? 

Okay, okay, will go first. Absolutely love 2011, on reflection there is so much to give thanks for despite all the yucky experiences and the ups and down. #thankful 

Now your turn…. and in case you are wondering why would a wellness blog ask about 6 years ago..well you are wondering right…. 2011 has nothing to do with 6 years ago and everything to do with the present with our now for its all we have and just in case something unpleasant did happen 6 years ago would hope after 6 years the work was done to process it and #letitgo

It’s the 2011 of today! how do you feel?

Today is December 20 with 11 days left for the year.

It’s natural to look back…. but

it is either going to be naturally helpful or unhelpful

#helpful …. we do an objective review; meaning no blaming allowed of ourselves or others…. what happened? what did not happen? our thought and feelings about that………………….and VIOLA …there we have what would probably be mattering most to us if..trusting as we are blessed to continue our journey in this life into a new year

#unhelpful if we get stuck in blame, stuck in beating on ourselves or blaming others…

so again it’s 2011, how do you feel? #life coaching for moving forward with an action plan and accountability