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Old And Outdated

How to care for the elderly when they don’t want your help? (and we mean the real elderly lol)

  • Choose a time when you and your elderly are relaxed
  • Ask other family member to help
  • Keep trying might take time
  • Suggest a trial to the new accommodation or situation
  • Address the money factor for whatever is being suggested or discussed

Becoming An Active Elderly is ongoing managing of transition or change


Youth is associated with fabulous …

youth often fascinates …. and then when you become OLD .. suddenly you are deemed ORDINARY


meaning nothing more ….

nothing more than what? …

nothing more than another person

nothing more essential or great to contribute

nothing more to offer

and if there is nothing more … then what?

is that not a suggestion to “be gone”

yet once we are blessed with life … how could we become “nothing more”

but then again maybe we can … if we subscribe to the thinking that we are in fact “washed up now” .. our time is over

So how do we deal with being ORDINARY

well since its tough to shake a system or thinking that refuses to be shaken

If you are deemed OLD .. ORDINARY

Please be an

ORIGINAL OLD ORDINARY .. and that is darn Exceptional!

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The main thing emphasized about old is time has gone… 

and sometimes it is flipped by society as “old=your time has passed” in other words old =

expired … out of date

and it is this attitude that lies behind the trepidation that many associate with aging …. and so many experience a drastic drop in self-esteem and feelings of worthiness with being deemed “old” …

ironically then some try to do things to suggest a distance from any association with “old” and it actually gives more fodder for those who look on at the efforts and re-emphasize that person as outdated

but societal cultural norms will be what they are until we choose differently and that it is… a cultural societal norm .. to deem “old” as outdated..

although the norms cannot be shaken … there are some who are in fact operating within a ‘date’ a time period that they think of as ‘home’ and so refuse to adjust and adapt and this is one way in which the old at times tend to work against the cause of ageism ….

so for those who are deemed “old” by others or are self-declared “old” or fall within a descriptor for “old” it  might do well to consider in what ways; 

behaviours adopted are leading to being left behind when or where it is absolutely avoidable … and

when it is that the label of outdated works against or might work against how or what is being put in place to mitigate any risks

p.s. with the increase in the number of elders… elder abuse is now a very real issue ….

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