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Sometimes the message is clear; he or she is showing clearly for one reason or the other they don’t have the heart to love in a real way…and so they do things to sabotage, they run, they turn away do things to push away…and we remain there asking “why do you keep doing this?” or “what am I doing wrong?” when truth be told is that for one reason of the other the person is incapable of loving anyone in a real way (probably just for this time) but sometimes for some its for a very very long time… and then we might even want to tell the person ‘hush’ as we work harder and harder and harder thinking we have the ‘magic’ needed to bring love out of them… but trust James and hear him as his haunting message would live on forever as true in some situations

Mexico marched on the field…understanding their Brazilian team…strong defense, working that 4 33 formation, 2 on 1 when it mattered, keeping Neymar @t bay…they looked great out there for a well deserved flat 45-minute first half… 0-0

#carryontip understand the task..the challenge and strategize!

But even so what was evident was when Brazil took the shot @t that goal they held a better focus… #carryontip feed that focus..anyone then Brazil now holds the Record for the most goals scored @t the World Cup…yep!

Brazil throughout this competition has been showing up on the field better and better … #carryontip don’t just move… move forward learning from the past…

and this seemed to work well for Brazil, who attacked, defended when need be,  and were nicely insync…leading to two goals…

William first running that ball and finding a well-positioned Neymar for that first goal… #carryon tip keep observant and partner/team up to make things happen… and to Neymar’s credit he did so later serving to Firmino 

#carryon tip remain versatile!

So we look forward now to Brazil and Belgium

{Aside commentary} immediately recognized 2 Uruguay players even before they scored…guess who?

#carryon tip work hard…that way our benefit proceeds us for the better…

so there is no way Russia could have sped ahead thinking…Uruguay would be an easy contender …

admire then Russia #carryon to show up…. no doubt using the energy of their supporters to usher them forward…

even so one had to wonder if Russia was slooooowed slowwwed and thrown off by…

the Undisputable Uruguay … experience…skill…calm cool confidence…remarkable chemistry…excellent positioning (good #17 placement) and wonderful defending …

#goodcarryon is when we bring our strengths together and connect to score ….and that Uruguay surely did…

and Russia though working to keep pace (irony notable) seemed ridiculously reduced in speed…

1st Experienced Top Striker … #11 Suarez did his thing …GOAL!!!!!! and this player knows team work

#carryon ..know your strengths play as for the team

and not only speed on the field but speed of thought and strategy…

so much so…

Russia supported uRUGUAY who needed no help … and scored

an own goal to give the boys in blue two….

abd again a big boo-boo happened as speed of thought seemed to have left the #23 Russian player… already on a yellow… yet not thinking quick emough ..making the mistake to tackle taking his yellow to orange….

#carryon tip keep calm and think things through under pressure…so it was

Eleven Against Ten … what Russia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hmm under Uruguay already and now giving the opponent more to feast on…. and feasting with eleven against ten they did….with

our 2nd Experienced Top Striker beating away at that net and eventually it had to succumb to the efforts…and it was #10 Cavani this time…like Suarez…knowing his strength and playing for the team….GOAL!!!!!!!!!

#carryon tip …no matter the past wins…study the current opponent strengths …

so Russia reduced under Uruguay 9 playing 6 going forward

#nothing for you must be Uruguay team sound for the 1st goals conceded  

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so Ana could not believe after … all the years….

after …all the tears

after..all the shares

how could Dick cheat on her…Dick was his name ironically enough…

but Ana knew what she would do…she must get an ASSISTANT…

what or who would be her assistant …she needed to spy on Dick and discover his deepest longing…giving him his deepest longing would be her ASSISTANT … sure enough Ana discovered that what Dick wanted more than anything was a beautiful bouncing baby girl …Ana and Dick already had a boy…

now how could Ana make this happen? Ana had always heard of these people with special powers and now she needed one…Ana went to the place they told her and got her potion…Dick did not stand a chance

sure enough Ana became pregnant and knowing Dick’s love of family and his desire for a bouncing baby girl she knew she had him….

Welcome beautiful Anabel

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Tune in next Week for Ana and Anabel 

Anabel became her assistant since Anabel was to become her Saviour! It is Anabel who would give back to Ana the life again she found when she found her beloved Dick.

As time passed though and Anabel grew Ana realized that her new Assistant could not hold the affections of her beloved…..and so it began threats to end it all…to run away so that Dick could not see Anabel unless…until he ends that affair ….

But did Dick oblige? No…. and so now Ana was not just left with the threat of her dreams falling  apart but with a baby who had already outlived her usefulness….now Ana found herself with Postpartum Depression

There is single and then there is single….

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