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Relationship Communication

Sometimes the message is clear; he or she is showing clearly for one reason or the other they don’t have the heart to love in a real way…and so they do things to sabotage, they run, they turn away do things to push away…and we remain there asking “why do you keep doing this?” or “what am I doing wrong?” when truth be told is that for one reason of the other the person is incapable of loving anyone in a real way (probably just for this time) but sometimes for some its for a very very long time… and then we might even want to tell the person ‘hush’ as we work harder and harder and harder thinking we have the ‘magic’ needed to bring love out of them… but trust James and hear him as his haunting message would live on forever as true in some situations

All that shifting and shifting below the surface of the earth, why does that even matter? … EQ for Earth Quake

All that self-awareness and self-control before choosing how we communicate, why does that even matter? EQ for Emotional Intelligence

Recently a 7.3 EarthQuake like a true Spaniard hit and ran off reaching Trinidad & Tobago to give that island a 6.9 shake up… Now how is this similar to a slacking off of self-awareness and self-control before we communicate?

Just as the EQ for Earth Quake causes a shake-up, cracks, tremors, damage and destruction by heavy movement under the surface in the same way when we become heavy on moving away from being self-aware as we interact with others and attempting to exercise self-control and we simply talk or act we can cause sometimes severe damage and destruction to otherwise solid relationships that took years and years to build

So what is EQ for Emotional Intelligence 

and why does it matter, why bother to work at developing it… just think about an EQ for Earth Quake and the devastation possible

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