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Internet Ablaze with Curry

Seems Ayesha Curry really ‘set it off’ for couples as well as singles … talking about;

  1. her husbands female fans
  2. her thinking “hmm would be nice to get some of that attention from men”

Discussions going from, these women cannot get enough, Ayesha is beautiful and gets attention, Steph Curry and Ayesha are childhood sweethearts, Steph supports his wife and on and on…

Turning to the remaining Curry

Let’s put this in context…

Steph Curry is a sportsman, an active attractive sportsman and that is where we really must begin .. because let’s be real as attractive as Steph is his appeal is a lot to do with him being a popular sportsman

And here is where sportspeople spouses would want Curry favour

The head of the sportsman is different

So we casually say we think with our heads, but we all know its really our brains.

Well guess what…sportspeople have specialized brains as do all people who tend to gravitate to certain things, just as musicians and artists

The sportsman head and what it means for relationships

Our brains are constantly moving chemicals through it, and certain chemicals create certain behaviors. Sportsmen, especially those doing well in their sport, are over time becoming more and more tuned in and by their actions training their brains and bodies to respond to dopamine. Dopamine receptors then over time become ready for that next release of dopamine within the brain and that high.

For this reason many sportsmen get into vices, and the easiest most thrilling is unfortunately infidelity…consider it almost an occupational hazard.

And for the record prettiness of the spouse can hardly compete with that longing for the dopamine rush

Curry Favour for Dopamine Dilemma

Continuing Commitment

It’s not about sportsmen not loving their wives, it’s about the ability to continue commitment to not cheat when the dopamine on the brain creates that longing for the high of the dopamine… (which comes from the thrill of daring and challenging cheating)

So Curry favor of continuing commitment is something sports couples cannot take for granted

United Understanding

Steph obviously appreciated Ayesha’s need to build something of her own and what many commenting on the internet are not saying is that for years Ayesha was and has been understanding of female fans being part of the territory

Real Relationship

As mentioned earlier, Ayesha and Curry are childhood sweethearts and it matters. At least Steph knows that his appeal from Ayesha goes way beyond his $$$$ in other words they were able to build something Real before the sports mania female fans.

Sportsmen would want to take time if/when, meeting someone ‘after-the-fact’ to find ways to determine what exactly is making them so appealing

Yearning Yonder

Yes the internet is ablaze now with some comments and so but let’s consider what was and was not said…

Yearning for attention to feel ‘I still got it’ in no way suggests yearning to go free from your spouse…and what many are not saying is that Ayesha still looks forward yonder toward her relationship with Steph and likewise with all the female fans Steph continues to show Ayesha is still the 1

Some Curry favor surely would do more sports couples good even if the woman longs for some more attention now and again

Could we get caught up in a LIP Service Love Insurance Plan as a couple? What does that look or sound like? 

Lots of crap taking place following with lots of pledges of forever love….talk is talk

And even talkers move in together, get married and have children together…the difference usually is in how couples experience their relationships…love relationships are hard work sure…but when you begin to feel like you’re not a trained dentist but ‘pulling teeth’ to keep a relationship going or to keep loving feeling for a partner…well…really what sort of Insurance PLAN are you working with as a couple? schedule a session or share the contact information with someone

all the things we can get for our love partner and some of the things we get together with them are simply PRODUCTS of our love process

caution… if or when we neglect or short change our process, we cannot substitute products and hope to get the same results as a couple who are working on their process from which their products proceed naturally

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Status: Open Relationship

So we enter a relation-SHIP and we care and love each other so much .. we want the other… we want each other to be and remain sexually satisfied

So we enter a relation-SHIP but we are ‘realistic’ and appreciate that our partner or spouse will meet click and be attracted to other people

Answer = Open Relationship

But the fine print is ….

you are non-exclusively exclusive … meaning your base is with ‘me’ your partner or your spouse and your temp. comes in at your longing and you return to ‘me’ your base

POD … post orgasmic distress… why?

because when the gates are open there is the opportunity for synergy and no one can dictate synergy that energy exchange between people and how it will flow .. to adopt the attitude above is to treat one’s partner or spouse as a robot and to treat human behaviour as an exact calculable science ..  who is to say that the temp can not easily become the new base after all it is open and open also includes open to change ..

you are given permission to bond sexually but not otherwise

POD … post orgasmic distress… why?

of course it can be done and many claim how easily it is done too .. now can it always be done by everyone or by the same person always ahh now that is something else entirely .. because simply we carry all of us to an interaction and while it can be strictly sexual in terms of a need fulfillment (which honestly speaking it can never 100% be..) each interaction is open to moving from the sexual to other areas of connecting.. but as the base partner or spouse are you really open to that

devaluing of base spouse or partner is not part of the plan in fact it is just the opposite because the base partner or spouse is so modern and open-minded

 POD … post orgasmic distress… why?

but what happens after a while is the devaluing of the base spouse or partner .. thing is the relationship process is designed naturally to move away from that same over focus on the hot and bothered chemical urge to sexually connect and integrate more of the everyday interactions that build that appreciation for the base spouse or partner but with the opening of the relationship it is a working to keep the relationship at an all time high that unfortunately also means keeping that honeymoon phase where it s only so deep your partner can go in appreciating you …

but hey some claim it works once jealousy is kept out of the arrangement

With all due respect to any in an open relationship or who would choose to explore one in the future …

  • could it be that an open relationship is best suited to he/she who wants to find a way to be part of the more accepted from of relationship in spite of feeling stifled and or threatened by true intimacy
  • could it be that it is that many who are insecure about loving someone too much and being abandoned have found a way to reduce this feeling by finding a way to lessen the intimacy and always having a ready person or persons to turn to in the event the base spouse or partner leaves

Things are not always what it might seem or what we say .. for those who might benefit from related counselling or life coaching sessions .. register here

Mutuality … balance in relationships … is important … there is no perfect bbalance  but if 1 person is basically giving and the other taking that is perfect imbalance and sometimes that is how we have been trained to feel most comfortable but eventually those creature comforts will drain us body mind and spirit … come along the journey to …

Making Our Relationships Exceptional 


Our reputation is partly build by us and partly by the people and how they experience us and what they choose to accept and believe about us … so that there will always be a part of our reputation that is outside our control … with the advent of advanced technology now persons can hack into our reputation literally and add and delete what they wish in the minds of people…

And to some extend this might live on as a part of our legacy… but there is the greater part of our legacy and that is the lives of those who really knew and experienced us at closer levels and who did not have to rely on  popular perceptions and public opinion and those who because of being open to experiencing the real us were able to shift between the reputation romantic raves and the true being within there is where our legacy rests and there is where we cannot do PR or send out a media release to deal with any damage because it is not what we said or did not or the tome in a one time message etc but our being and the life we lived …

have you done a legacy barometer recently?