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There is single and then there is single….

Are you the sort of STUCK Single that looks the same as every other one else knows it but you?…

Would you like to move from STUCK Single to possibly Simply Single and then into a Happy Healthy Relationship?

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Strategies U Can Keep……. for a Status Change…………..



Sure it is great to get ahead and sometimes it can feel so great and be such a great opportunity that it seems ago to get ahead at the expense of others in our group but since ahead or not we remain part of the group we actually are moving back and forth all at once .. getting ahead while increasing the risk of falling back behind 

Self-Love and Self-Acceptance on an individual and group level remains essential

Dianna was but a child not yet seven years of age ..when he ancient and wizen…commented on her little red shorts…him being the religious man that he was would have much preferred a cool little pretty dress for his darling grand. And so he made it known to Dianna, who with great disappointment because she so loved her red shorts, went to get changed. Because she oh so loved her GRAND

He stands today as one of Dianna’s founding fathers…

A founding father for always being mindful of dress and self=presentation

A founding father for fully embracing her female essence

A founding father for letting her dress reflect her authentic self and expression   

Dianna did not know if to believe him or not. But went he looked at her that early morning, there was a love and conviction in his eyes that shone through and said “this is your history Dianna” shone through as he told of how her family name was given by a Scottish man to his house servant and it was from that man that he one day came to be and so Dianna herself came to be

He stands today as one of Dianna’s Founding Fathers…

A founding father for a little lady who has an unshakeable sense of self

A founding father for a little lady who appreciates the value of history and story telling and sharing

He also had a habit of being sure he was the first to greet Dianna as she returned from school each day.. Dianna not yet 10.. “How was school Dianna?” “What did you learn today Dianna?” “How was that report Dianna?” and it was always proceeded with a small monetary reward

He also stands today as a founding father for Dianna’s

appreciation of the importance of being a life-long learner

a desire to always do her best and better that best

an appreciation that there is an impending reward of being a life-long learner

acknowledging of the importance of having a “pay-yourself” system whenever rewarded for life-long learning

an ongoing working toward financial intelligence and wellness

This Grand ALSO carried Dianna one day to his brother for a visit…his brother the Doctor… Dianna could sense this was a big trip ,though but a girl. He spoke so well of this brother… And then there it was Brother the Doctor asks Dianna.. “Will you be a doctor one day Dianna?” … to which she smiled and noted her not knowing… but there was he Grand looking at them both and boldly declaring “Why not?…she is a bright girl…she can be anything she wants to be.”

And so today he also stands a founding father

of Dianna’s unshakeable belief that anything is possible and yes she can!

Life happened and Dianna began training to become an educator. He was observing her though … he thought as he one day said.. “Dianna you are working so hard…training working and studying, why not just become a trained educator and get married?” … Dianna was appalled but when she looked over at him, she saw genuine concern for her and so replied that she cannot because in years to come she would have regrets and not be happy.. he quickly responded… “Okay then, so how are things coming along.”

He was not a GRAND but he too stands as a founding father for Dianna to …

be true to herself

live an authentic life

live as her own woman and not fall into the mold of what ‘being a happy woman means’

Today Dianna stands  and she cannot claim to be an Amazon Woman… as much as she loves and values all the lessons of Wonder Woman … because she knows that she stands after her founding fathers

and so she has seen heard and felt in her professional life that so too do many women and men for that matter …

so as we celebrate Fathers Day… do you know your founding fathers?



Self-esteem is about self-acceptance, narcissism is about self-worship.

Self-esteem is about gratitude, narcissism is about self-gratification.

Self-esteem is about a job well done, narcissism is all about recognition and praise.

Self-esteem is seeing ourselves as worthwhile, narcissism is seeing others as worthless.

Self-esteem is about externalising love for others, narcissism is about only internalising love for self.

Self-esteem emphasises intrinsic rewards, narcissism emphasises material rewards.

Self-esteem places higher importance on character, narcissism places higher importance on appearance.

Self-esteem looks at raising others, narcissism looks at putting others down.

Self-esteem relies on internal reflection, narcissism relies on external validation.

– Ron Malhotra

Ron Malhotra
Wealth Planner | Author | Speaker | Leadership Trainer | Success Expert | Founder of ‘The Successful Male’| Editor | Entrepreneur | Radio Host

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