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Would you like to move from STUCK Single to possibly Simply Single and then into a Happy Healthy Relationship?

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Trauma tends to trouble & target our mind …. and one way it does this is when or if the trauma overtakes our being and sense of self and we now become the trauma … meaning all that we were before the trauma and all we are capable of being in the future becomes

coloured by what  we have experienced … so we become “the … man/woman” “the .. boy/girl” …

and it does not even stop there we then experience our self as lacking in worth compared to others … everybody is perceived of or thought of as better than us more worthy than us and so as we move throw life after the trauma it is like a walk of shame …

What happened?   …. we lost respect for ourselves … we lost the feeling of appreciating any positive good and or wholesome qualities within our self … all because the trauma messed with our minds

so for example in a country that was harshly hurricane hit …

the countrymen and women might easily fall into the trap of thinking it was something about them as a people that attracted the event and so judge themselves harshly and feel ashamed even when in the presence of those from other countries …

And this is one of the responses we must guard ourselves from … we might have experienced the trauma but we are not our trauma .. and just like with a positive experience we can pull forth that which can be useful and helpful going forward … after all the trauma already happened and that was bad enough .. so why not pull the best possible going forward ..

and one sure thing that truly helps to prevent this falling into ‘shame and worthlessness’ is to stop a while and really consider what you have been through… how tough it was… how tough it would have been for anyone .. and the mere fact that you are working through it is surely to be admired .. would you not admire someone else in the situation who is working their way through…  

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On the matter of Happiness this photo says it best

But because something is well said does not mean its well lived. And it is a challenge for us all at different times. It is a challenge for us all at various ages and stages.

Why even consider coming up with A Happiness Cap? 

because mantras like “you can’t by happiness” … are cheap words at best that does little to help really reinforce the idea of keeping the focus on self and what you can do when really faced with simple medium or long term challenges. and so we offer STYLE Happiness Caps as a means of walking the talk so it becomes real and moves into action….

Walking the TALK… and yes at KarryOn we are serious about walking the TALK that’s why I myself got one…

Therapists are people too .. simply with some training, skills and expertise that support emotional wellbeing … but it means nothing if it is just knowledge without application … so recognizing a major challenge and the need to find different ways to remind myself of focusing on what was within my control and letting go of those things that are not.. decided to get my very own STYLE Happiness CAP …

What you don’t know about STYLE Happiness Cap? 

Because of the type of eco-material used for the Cap… we were unable to get the type of print we at KarryOn originally hoped for on the Cap….

Why did we insist on the Print? 

Because the power of the word is huge! And that is part of what we hope to give people. Not just the ones who wear it, but each time another person sees it too, all are reminded without realizing they are being reminded to “keep going” to “carryon” to not succumb to “drowning in unhappy feelings”   and it could be kept for as long as wanted or it could be used as …

Personalized Self-Therapy 

where the cap is worn with the message and as you go through the experience and feel that the changes you desire in attitudes/behaviours/thoughts have now become a part of how the new you operates then bit by bit you can with some effort peel of the print and remain with your eco-cap… the power of this is even without the print the power of the process would remain making the impact more permanent and lasting …

so what are you waiting on … contact 1-868-274-3887 or and order one for you or someone else today!

Here is what my own now looks like  

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Game of Thrones Territory can be easily visited in Northern island and there is a wonderful guide to the different places 

How many of us take the time to visit territories http://www.karryonservices.comwhere the GAME of THROWS is supported  

Life is a game of

T .. travelling throughout our life’s journey toward what we consider possible for us or want for ourselves 

H … here is where it becomes important to develop a sense of self and understanding and move along the travel to create those stop points with all that we hope we can enjoy there

R… reaching those points though will require resilience, that will to keep going as we get entangled in webs, vines and all the other things that can hinder along the way

O… our outcome is dependent on others too, the others that we take heed to along the way and allow to act as guides for the next steps or moves we might make

W… whatever we eventually decide, however we decide to travel after interacting with others, there is one thing we must remember, the consequences will first and foremost impact

S… self. Yes! we are the ones who will be impacted by the choice we make along with some other people in our lives…

Before rushing off to travel to the sights of the GAME of Thrones Territory consider the places you choose to visit that can improve your GAME of THROWS @ Planet Earth 

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