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Teacher Appreciation Week…

let us be honest shall we…its really more like lecturer appreciation week,

for our World filled with focus on fame and glory, neglect the beginning phases and focus on the end where we read of the success story,

So the higher the schooling time, the more we praise and let that teacher/lecturer shine,

Yet how ironic it is, that the first two years makes a difference between a resilient child, an emotionally at risk child and one with the full potential to be a wiz, the first 7 years the personality has some solid traits that will basically play a big part in working toward future grades

Yet we focus on the big and often forget the small or reverse the idea of the contributing factor to the child potential

So this Teacher Appreciation Week how about we seek to really discover how children develop and the great significance of the fact that we walk only after we creep and if you have a little one that is quite small, do not wait until later to really pick up the ball simply to be focused on seeing his/her name on that wall, for by the time they hit 9 and 10 and beyond the ground work has a lot to do with what is or is not going on….

Happy Teachers Week to one and all and especially to those who work with the #small

Try as Ana May might she was unable to pull from her beloved Dick the love and commitment she wanted from her relationship and her Anabel was not doing the trick…

Postpartum ….

This was no ordinary postpartum but the type that came because of a mourning for a relationship that was …the type that came because the child trick had not worked ..

so “I starve you starve”

Anabel would now become exposed to what Ana was exposed to as a child…

NOT being loved for the essence of who they were but being loved if and only if…

Anabel got love when or if her baby actions were interpreted as comforting Ana

Anabel got love when or if someone mentioned how much she resembled her daddy

Anabel got love when or if Ana needed to feel indispensable…

(outside of that Anabel was deemed a nuisance and a trigger for Ana May’s postpartum depression …she took time away from Ana May being able to mourn and track down her Dick)

Without realizing it Anabel was creating another her…another woman who was being conditioned from early that they were not worthy of love just because they were naturally worthy but only when or if they made the object of their desire happy..only if or when they worked tirelessly to please the object of their affections and even so another woman was being conditioned that no matter what they did they would never become loved for who they were in a real way for they were always there to simply be useful to another just as Anabel was a tool to save a relationship

The truth can be a bitter pill but it can also be our saving grace if worked through….What would become of Ana May….

Tune in next week for more as Ana May goes back in time 

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if you are a parent struggling to not do what Ana May is doing listen here

It is the right of each child to be given a safe and healthy environment for their development….

do we really know how many children are abused Worldwide? Too Many!

are we aware of how many people abused as children develop mental health concerns? Too Many!

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