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Sport Psychology


KarryOn offers Life Coaching via a blended format:

  1. Live Chat 
  2. Telephone 

Areas of KarryOn Live Chat Life Coaching include:

  1. Career Coaching – collaborating with client to create and achieve desired career objectives while giving due consideration to other aspects of life 
  2. Transition Coaching – coaching for persons entering new leadership roles to ensure effectiveness in new position & achievement of deliverables
  3. Relationship Coaching – collaborating with client to change/improve relationship interactions in workplace and/or personal life
  4. Targeted Behavioural Coaching – provide EAP services by working with a valuable employee in the organization to target specific habits and or behaviours for change and/or to learn new ways of being at work 
  5. Team Coaching – working with leaders and team members to establish improved team performance
  6. Personal Coaching – collaborating with individuals to increase awareness and clarify priorities for action and co-creating plan for desired future outcomes in some select areas of life