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Sports Psychology

Internet Ablaze with Curry

Seems Ayesha Curry really ‘set it off’ for couples as well as singles … talking about;

  1. her husbands female fans
  2. her thinking “hmm would be nice to get some of that attention from men”

Discussions going from, these women cannot get enough, Ayesha is beautiful and gets attention, Steph Curry and Ayesha are childhood sweethearts, Steph supports his wife and on and on…

Turning to the remaining Curry

Let’s put this in context…

Steph Curry is a sportsman, an active attractive sportsman and that is where we really must begin .. because let’s be real as attractive as Steph is his appeal is a lot to do with him being a popular sportsman

And here is where sportspeople spouses would want Curry favour

The head of the sportsman is different

So we casually say we think with our heads, but we all know its really our brains.

Well guess what…sportspeople have specialized brains as do all people who tend to gravitate to certain things, just as musicians and artists

The sportsman head and what it means for relationships

Our brains are constantly moving chemicals through it, and certain chemicals create certain behaviors. Sportsmen, especially those doing well in their sport, are over time becoming more and more tuned in and by their actions training their brains and bodies to respond to dopamine. Dopamine receptors then over time become ready for that next release of dopamine within the brain and that high.

For this reason many sportsmen get into vices, and the easiest most thrilling is unfortunately infidelity…consider it almost an occupational hazard.

And for the record prettiness of the spouse can hardly compete with that longing for the dopamine rush

Curry Favour for Dopamine Dilemma

Continuing Commitment

It’s not about sportsmen not loving their wives, it’s about the ability to continue commitment to not cheat when the dopamine on the brain creates that longing for the high of the dopamine… (which comes from the thrill of daring and challenging cheating)

So Curry favor of continuing commitment is something sports couples cannot take for granted

United Understanding

Steph obviously appreciated Ayesha’s need to build something of her own and what many commenting on the internet are not saying is that for years Ayesha was and has been understanding of female fans being part of the territory

Real Relationship

As mentioned earlier, Ayesha and Curry are childhood sweethearts and it matters. At least Steph knows that his appeal from Ayesha goes way beyond his $$$$ in other words they were able to build something Real before the sports mania female fans.

Sportsmen would want to take time if/when, meeting someone ‘after-the-fact’ to find ways to determine what exactly is making them so appealing

Yearning Yonder

Yes the internet is ablaze now with some comments and so but let’s consider what was and was not said…

Yearning for attention to feel ‘I still got it’ in no way suggests yearning to go free from your spouse…and what many are not saying is that Ayesha still looks forward yonder toward her relationship with Steph and likewise with all the female fans Steph continues to show Ayesha is still the 1

Some Curry favor surely would do more sports couples good even if the woman longs for some more attention now and again

Hastag #goat it’s all around now. Sure it is meant to be a compliment, #goat = Greatest Of All Time! But did no one consider that Great-est is the superlative of its great great-er and great-est…

Now for the million dollar question….??? How many #goats can there be (look back at the hint ‘s’)

As a sportsman if you aim to become a goat, then your standard was set by those gone before, but how much does that do for the sport, or how much might the sportsman (sportsman or sportswoman) might also be underestimating their potential.

Lara a true Cricketing BULL

What Brian Charles Lara did in his cricketing career was





#bull and when a sportsman seeks to be a true #bull what does it mean….

Bettering your Best

Lara spent time studying the great or maybe some #goats and he honed his talents in that way he was able to break records held by others and even those held by himself …when this approach is taken then the heights of the sport knows no limits

Understand the sport

#goat might play the sport and master playing of the sport but a bull, is patient and understands his sport, learning its history and what the sport means for himself and others, this might be why Lara is within the phasing out of cricketers who truly appreciated the significance of the test match…while also valuing the short format…today many of our young cricketing #goats while a long way into their careers are yet to master the test aspect of the game

Leaving Legacy

“It’s all about the journey, not the outcome” ~ Carl Lewis

As we know Lara had his ups and downs with the game of cricket, with some questioning his captaincy a certain points. Yet when we look back over his cricketing journey, generally there is agreement that he brought something to the game and made an imprint and that is the mark of the #bull…to stand the test of time

Going forward we do look on in anticipation of the upcoming cricketers getting the guide to put their game into perspective and context and to work beyond ‘cheap knocks’ but instead aim to leave their unique mark upon the sport like a true #bull or as the singing cricketer djbravo put it become a real champion

Sports Top 10

In the world of sports, like in the world of music there are the popular songs and then those we occasionally hear. In the world of sports, the ones we hear about and follow most, in or out of season, in or out of Olympics or a main sporting event are;

baseball, basketball, table tennis, volleyball, football, cricket, field hockey, rugby, golf, tennis

Then there are sports like swimming. Yes, of course for Olympics we know of those who excel like Michael Phelps 

Swimming, Desire & Social Pressure of Sport

But let us be honest for a moment here, the top 10 sports deal with a “sexiness” of their own, meaning the sport itself draws the crowds. For swimming though, where does the average mind go, is it not to swimsuits illustrated.

So swimming athletes like Phelps who won his 19th Olympic gold medal and like retired Trinidadian swimmer George Bovell must maintain a different DESIRE level from sportsperson in other fields.

Desire by the way, is that push in the athlete for success and to strive for excellence in their sport. It is easy to love the sport of swimming, but after meeting the social pressures that come with being an “underdog-sport” (reduced financing, reduced recognitions) it is easy to move into hobby-mode. No wonder Bovell later in his career supported future swimmers striving for professional sport status with the introduction of “The “George Bovell Dive In Free Swim Clinics 2015” were held at facilities in St. James, Macoya and San Fernando over January 15-17th, with the prestigious athletes teaching training methods, skills and drills with the purpose of not only encouraging the young attendees within the sport of swimming, but by also offering up hope and inspiration as they interacted and collaborated with the participants.”

Because the swimmer must not only begin with desire BUT MAINTAIN DESIRE to even reach a point of;

Confidence, Self-Discipline & Consistency

and so in some sports more than ever, or should we say especially in u.s.a. (not USA) (underdog sporting activities), the athletes sporting psyche becomes more important than ever! 


Once upon a time, Test Cricket was the true test of the cricket, including the West Indies cricketer. But cricket has and continues to morph/to evolve since the days of Sir Gary Sobers and Viv Richards. Lots of shorter formats being introduced, hold lots of appeal for our younger players. And when it comes to our West Indies cricketers, in our global village, they can now develop their skills, and ply their skills @ choice to International cricket teams far-and-wide.

Our New World of Cricket

To survive and more so to thrive now in our ‘New World of Cricket’ there must be manager-player intimacy or into-me-see. Whether the cricketing manager of pro-league teams or the Executive of the West Indies cricket team, there must be a deeper look at what the cricketer of “today” is facing. How else could the Executive understand how to approach these players and more importantly to keep the appeal of playing for the West Indies.

And this intimacy is what the new West Indies Executive seems able to bring. We look forward!


Sure the player on the field is important. But cricket is bigger than the present-day players of any team. Cricket in any country is a system. Good systems are able to reproduce a service or product over the long-term. Too often this is what International teams hold over the Caribbean region. However, encouraging evidence comes as we notice ex-West Indies players being brought back to the fold to now support the team in a different capacity. There is also the declared promise (note the term ‘declared promise’) of putting a focus upon the youth in cricket. If in fact this does happen then what we would now be building is a better system around the game.


But as with the cricketer, we do not simply want a ‘hope’ of runs, good fielding, bowling and batting but results, so too, with our Executive we look forward to the plans moving off the paper….so we wait and we look on…but for now the I’s definitely hold the key to a brighter future for West Indies cricket

The ‘little magician’ they called him, this Trinbagonian ‘midget midfielder’ who created plays using his smarts in midfield; Russell Latapy. And now he is serving the game as a coach to the Trinidad and Tobago U20 Footballers. Could that be why? why there might be an expectation of …

Sports Producing Actually Magicians!

All of the young men in the U20 T&T Team must have had that desire and include some sort of self-discipline for the players to reach this level

And well after THE LOSS of the game to the USA and watching their chances move away for the bid for another Worldcup, the ‘magician’ coach commented on how goal 6, could have been avoided, with a little more wit from the guys in midfield so we already know that there is no way for this ‘magician mid-fielder coach’ to transfer his ‘magic’ to all his players for them to do the same in midfield. Of course, because each player brings their own uniques skill and traits.

But seems T&T is calling for a different sort of magic???

We have heard that the ‘family that prays together, stays together’… well what about the team that plays together stays together …

Sports Performance …

includes skill and talent [x]

includes internal motivation [ x]

includes autonomy (some measure of control)

includes personal accountability,  assertiveness, sensitivity to feedback (which the coach reports his players as having),

includes the ability to stress manage or control the tension 

includes confidence

Now when a coach claims a team in underprepared and not of the team’s doing, what kind of Sports Psychology is taking place there?

  • It means the external environment is decreasing internal motivation
  • It means the structure around the players is reducing competence and confidence
  • It means the physical, financial and other resources are frustrating resourcefulness

It means that the sporting players are actual magicians if they can overcome that all on an ongoing basis and outperform teams who have and are making use of the support and resources around, like having 5 camps to support performance in a game!

Yet when a journalist laid blame at the feet of a League not waiving registration fees to allow the team to play and thus improve skills … the general focus went to

blaming who? … but the bigger point is/was/remains…

countries with serious sports producing actual magic…

find ways to put things in place to support players in developing their skills and preparing for games/leagues/tournaments

seems though the sort of magic that might be the focus for the T&T players is that kind where we say…

abra cadarba and find things appear from nothing!

It has not happened! It would not happen…because

sports produces practicals …. real day to day things that must be attended to and implemented to support the players and the game beyond mouth praise and tongue-lashing criticisms

and  makes magic …. when sportspersons and systems, systems beyond getting a coach, work together to produce desired performances

;;;;;;;;; so seems it is and would be a tough carry=on for T&T players as long as the mindset remains ah come on, please… go out there and

Start Producing Actual MAGIC!

Sports Performance

One of the things that make sports so demanding is the way it immediately connects the sportsperson’s skills and performance to the results and it all happening before an audience (unlike many other fields)

Another is the fact that the off-field life for sportspersons continue as usual and no matter what is happening the sportspersons are expected to not only carry on but to carry out their objective of excellent performance

So what happens when Sports Persons Are Mourning? 

This is exactly the question that Leicester City club answered for us recently

The grieving process involves denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance…

The Game Goes On! So …

Denial is a no-go at least not to the point where all the reminders of what happened could be avoided…and that’s part of the harsh reality of sports … sportspersons do not have the luxury of avoiding what is happening on the field generally and its the same here … the Leicester City team whether they could believe it or not…would have been moved along the grieving process to face their anger  …

Anger, Aggression and Sports

The good thing here is that as mentioned early sports is about using that energy/arousal/adrenaline to give the best possible performance…and the good thing for the Leicester City team in their time of mourning is that that anger could have been redirected to create a connection with their deceased owner and so even begin in a way a celebration of his life and so help move the team along to acceptance

No change for bargains 

In sports, there is no bargaining without performance. And it would have been the same for this team here, they had no chance to bargain and plea their cause…”please save our beloved club owner’ … it was about performing even in his memory

Sporting as an anti-depressant

Sometimes persons going through the mourning process are misdiagnosed as clinically depressed if the psychologist is unaware of the loss. Sports literally changes our body chemistry by releasing these feel-good hormones. So even if the players have their moments of ‘longing for the past’ (a part of depression) they would not have been able to get stuck there.

Sports is Universal

Groups are powerful. And so too group therapy is powerful, all because the persons realize they are not alone and other persons have felt this and are going through it too. So even playing that game after the loss would have been a sort of group therapy for the team.

Virtue in Sports

Dealing with a loss is a part of life and living. It can happen in any field. The great thing is there are lots of virtue in sports that can help ease the pain and lead o healing, recovery, and celebration of the life lived.

Do look forward to the legacy being carried on in Leicester City 

@and @t KarryOn we support sportspersons to carryon @

So in the Caribbean it finally happened, we got a singing cricketer in DJ Bravo…surprising?

What do Sport and Music have in common?

Energy: sport and music bring with it a certain energy and that really comes from the adrenaline that both give not only to the player/performer but to those enjoying the game/performance

Lyrics: YES! in music it is obvious what the singer is saying and the story they are sharing. In sports what the sportsman or sportswoman is saying to themselves and the story, they are telling themselves only becomes obvious in how they are performing. And this is what DJ Bravo did, simply but a melody and rhythm to what the sports professionals do on the field whether they realize it or not …

Selection: When the musician goes to record they must choose between different songs, melodies and ways of singing their song. Same it is as the sports professional prepares himself/herself for selection for certain tournaments and/or decides to play with one club/in one tournament or another…

Play On: Music or sports we play on and the game continues

and while play continues we are right here to support how the musician or sports professional alike carry on @ #lifecoaching and/or #therapy



So at the final of the CPL! what makes that difference…

does the best team always win… 

“all-round performance outstanding means nothing in the finals…”

now, why would a renowned sportsman like Brian Charles Lara make such a comment…hmmm…

#sportpsychology …

so can Trinbago Knight Riders

So we’ve reached the Playoffs of the Caribbean Premier League 2018

Is it any surprise to have the Trinbago Knight Riders reach this far? 

when they have a Champion Chanting Captain… what does that teach about this team’s #carryon…

first, let’s listen to the lyrics…this captain respects his opponents as worthy and champions in their own right, without excluding himself…. we expect then that he would inspire this same sort of #sportsmanship within his colleagues of TKR and also appreciate that victory is about bringing your best game from who is part of the team, to the line up for every match…

though some have wondered about whether there are times when the lineup choices were wanting …

and well if that be the case, guess which team is sure to tackle that?

Firstly, with a name such as Guyana Amazon Warriors could we expect anything but this team is a team to contend with… what’s in a name…oh just the blueprint and well in this teams case the teal-print of how the team thinks about itself…

but that’s not all…any team coming up against the Guyana Amazon Warriors must understand the psychological power of the #carryon in a team that has often been ‘the bridesmaid but never this bride’ this team already with their teal print warrior spirit have that boosted determination to go where they have never gone before…

Maybe this team is going to give this Champion Chanting Captian some new lyrics for version two…

#champion #mindset training available for all aka #lifecaoching @