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There are a few popular team sayings, two being;

Together Each Achieves More and

Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.” – Edward Hale

2012 Bronze and 2019 Gold

And success this team truly enjoyed. Noteworthy too their commitment in pursuing excellence they were able to better their best from 2012 

so as Robertson Davies says; “in the end, it is upon the quality and commitment of individuals that all group moments depend” and listening to each team player, we realize they were all in.

Even so…must make special mention of Cedeno and his…

Coming From Behind

What does it take for an athlete to come from behind?

At that point no doubt it went beyond the technical training and to zoning into a purposeful and positive mindset (wanting that gold) but even so what’s more is getting mind-body to work at it absolute optimum, not just the mind believing but the body following to make the belief real…we could imagine Cedeno then almost in a hypnotic state (the high coming from the adrenaline surging through) and giving that boost to make it happen. to the team for coming together, staying together and working together and for Cedeno doing the needful for coming from behind!

Sports Top 10

In the world of sports, like in the world of music there are the popular songs and then those we occasionally hear. In the world of sports, the ones we hear about and follow most, in or out of season, in or out of Olympics or a main sporting event are;

baseball, basketball, table tennis, volleyball, football, cricket, field hockey, rugby, golf, tennis

Then there are sports like swimming. Yes, of course for Olympics we know of those who excel like Michael Phelps 

Swimming, Desire & Social Pressure of Sport

But let us be honest for a moment here, the top 10 sports deal with a “sexiness” of their own, meaning the sport itself draws the crowds. For swimming though, where does the average mind go, is it not to swimsuits illustrated.

So swimming athletes like Phelps who won his 19th Olympic gold medal and like retired Trinidadian swimmer George Bovell must maintain a different DESIRE level from sportsperson in other fields.

Desire by the way, is that push in the athlete for success and to strive for excellence in their sport. It is easy to love the sport of swimming, but after meeting the social pressures that come with being an “underdog-sport” (reduced financing, reduced recognitions) it is easy to move into hobby-mode. No wonder Bovell later in his career supported future swimmers striving for professional sport status with the introduction of “The “George Bovell Dive In Free Swim Clinics 2015” were held at facilities in St. James, Macoya and San Fernando over January 15-17th, with the prestigious athletes teaching training methods, skills and drills with the purpose of not only encouraging the young attendees within the sport of swimming, but by also offering up hope and inspiration as they interacted and collaborated with the participants.”

Because the swimmer must not only begin with desire BUT MAINTAIN DESIRE to even reach a point of;

Confidence, Self-Discipline & Consistency

and so in some sports more than ever, or should we say especially in u.s.a. (not USA) (underdog sporting activities), the athletes sporting psyche becomes more important than ever! 


Who dare give that straightforward feedback of what might be happening in ‘our sport’? Before even going further a few moments to acknowledge all our regional athletes who have done us proud. However we know instinctively by its very title that cricket, ‘West Indian Cricket’ holds great meaning for the Caribbean. Yes, so who dare give that straightforward feedback? The avid cricket fan of course who has been following West Indian Cricket for eons now, who keeps with the game even with its highs and lows, close wins and misses. Who else? May be we reurn to that a bit later. But for now how about we go back to basics.

      Sport Meaning

After the recent 2019 two match win by the West Indies in their successful attempt at The Wisden Trophy, The Guardian noted, the English team feeling of being made to look like “Calypso Cricketers” To any, most ‘Caribbean Calypso peoples’ surely we would wonder at what exactly that could mean. But we did not have to wonder for long as The Guardian guided the way to understanding this phrase. The explanation was given that;    

There was a lazy way of looking at West Indies cricket in those days, and ‘Calypso Cricket’ was a big part of it.” It took Lloyd, Viv Richards, Malcolm Marshall and the rest of that generation years to do it. “To show the world, that we were strong, intelligent professional people,” Lloyd writes, “to show the world that we were thinkers, that we had standards, that we could stay the distance, that in adversity we would not capitulate. That we could fight.”

Its clear from the explanation that generations ago the sport of circket in the region had a certain, almost tempted to say different, meaning for its players. Whatever the meaning it is often heard reflected in the comments of the stalwart cricket fans.

We did suggest going back to basics, and so we consider now the meaning of ‘sport’ literally. Sport is defined as active past-time. Generally when we refer to sport at this level its an active past-time that has established rules and guidelines and is played by those with a ceratin level of expertise. But alongside the first definition is also sport as a ‘fun loving person’ and sport as ‘light mockery’.

If we consider, Englands response to the two matches they lost in the Test match Series, would we in any way associate them with all three of the meanings or simply the first. Now let’s consider our cultural ethos, general approach to ‘our sport’ and surely few of us would debate that we easily satisfy all three with the latter, ‘light mockery’ sometimes coming from the transient, slow, irregular and at times in effective support given to or sportsmen.

      Rediscovering Meaning

Some have that love-‘whatever’ relationship with the game to safeguard from ongoing disappointment, so even with the high and hope of the Wisden Trophy win there is a tempered response. Some have simply turned to more ‘modern’ sports. And some again are in the trenches some players and the captain included, searching out that way forward. What a place to start put to agree on the meaning of the sport. Not wanting to be too morbid, about the current state of our sport in any way, but Psychaitrist Vicktor Fankl has highlighted in his book ‘Man’s Search for Meaning’ that, “when we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.”. Undeniably, there are structural and systemic regional factors that do impede the highest performance. But evenso, there is something called ‘mental coaching’ and sporting psychology that can go a long way to begin to bridge the gap and move us that much nearer to achieving the consistency that we all so desire.

So, to the players out there individually and collectively maybe a moment to ask, what does ‘our sport’ mean to you? And how is this working for or against consistent performance?

Who else dare give some feedback? Just Ma. SOOS. Ma Soos is committed to exposing or is it exploring the psychology behind ‘Some of Our Sports’ (SOOS). Look out next week as we continue to consider how we are making a sport of our sport.    

Sports Performance

One of the things that make sports so demanding is the way it immediately connects the sportsperson’s skills and performance to the results and it all happening before an audience (unlike many other fields)

Another is the fact that the off-field life for sportspersons continue as usual and no matter what is happening the sportspersons are expected to not only carry on but to carry out their objective of excellent performance

So what happens when Sports Persons Are Mourning? 

This is exactly the question that Leicester City club answered for us recently

The grieving process involves denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance…

The Game Goes On! So …

Denial is a no-go at least not to the point where all the reminders of what happened could be avoided…and that’s part of the harsh reality of sports … sportspersons do not have the luxury of avoiding what is happening on the field generally and its the same here … the Leicester City team whether they could believe it or not…would have been moved along the grieving process to face their anger  …

Anger, Aggression and Sports

The good thing here is that as mentioned early sports is about using that energy/arousal/adrenaline to give the best possible performance…and the good thing for the Leicester City team in their time of mourning is that that anger could have been redirected to create a connection with their deceased owner and so even begin in a way a celebration of his life and so help move the team along to acceptance

No change for bargains 

In sports, there is no bargaining without performance. And it would have been the same for this team here, they had no chance to bargain and plea their cause…”please save our beloved club owner’ … it was about performing even in his memory

Sporting as an anti-depressant

Sometimes persons going through the mourning process are misdiagnosed as clinically depressed if the psychologist is unaware of the loss. Sports literally changes our body chemistry by releasing these feel-good hormones. So even if the players have their moments of ‘longing for the past’ (a part of depression) they would not have been able to get stuck there.

Sports is Universal

Groups are powerful. And so too group therapy is powerful, all because the persons realize they are not alone and other persons have felt this and are going through it too. So even playing that game after the loss would have been a sort of group therapy for the team.

Virtue in Sports

Dealing with a loss is a part of life and living. It can happen in any field. The great thing is there are lots of virtue in sports that can help ease the pain and lead o healing, recovery, and celebration of the life lived.

Do look forward to the legacy being carried on in Leicester City 

@and @t KarryOn we support sportspersons to carryon @

So we’ve reached the Playoffs of the Caribbean Premier League 2018

Is it any surprise to have the Trinbago Knight Riders reach this far? 

when they have a Champion Chanting Captain… what does that teach about this team’s #carryon…

first, let’s listen to the lyrics…this captain respects his opponents as worthy and champions in their own right, without excluding himself…. we expect then that he would inspire this same sort of #sportsmanship within his colleagues of TKR and also appreciate that victory is about bringing your best game from who is part of the team, to the line up for every match…

though some have wondered about whether there are times when the lineup choices were wanting …

and well if that be the case, guess which team is sure to tackle that?

Firstly, with a name such as Guyana Amazon Warriors could we expect anything but this team is a team to contend with… what’s in a name…oh just the blueprint and well in this teams case the teal-print of how the team thinks about itself…

but that’s not all…any team coming up against the Guyana Amazon Warriors must understand the psychological power of the #carryon in a team that has often been ‘the bridesmaid but never this bride’ this team already with their teal print warrior spirit have that boosted determination to go where they have never gone before…

Maybe this team is going to give this Champion Chanting Captian some new lyrics for version two…

#champion #mindset training available for all aka #lifecaoching @


Making a ‘come-back’ of any kind big or small is no tiny feat!

Now add to this, being on the field and feeling wronged, we are human as we play our sport and in the game of life!

so we pause! and choose between the 2 s’s


SPEAK! then like Serena we choose to #speakup and #speakout after all what could be so off? so wrong ? with a simple respectful expression…

in the game of tennis, as in the game of life, we have persons holding positions, be then the referee, the umpire, or any other authority figure… and they can after we choose ‘s’ for #speak make decisions to test our #carryon in a very real way… but as Serena showed #sportsmanship, so too in the game of life we can display good sportsmanship while continuing to choose when to speak and when to remain silent

and the thing is … just as Serena would have had upcoming victor Naomi OSAKA looking on at her Serena’s behaviour, in the same way, others look on, as to how we deal with attempts by others to “cut us off” “reducing chances of us winning or achieving a ‘win’ ”



So once calypso, canada and netball comes together it takes me back way way back…

As a Sports Talking Therapist, some sports are definitely more familiar than others…

#netball well that there ‘is my game’ …

what is it about netball that is so great and can give us a good #carryon reminder;

  1. Unlike basketball, once the player catches that ball, then its …..

stop… look around…think fast…make the best choice

and that there is a great approach in the game of life… our ball can be anything…

  1. Once the player moves with that ball the whistle goes…

and often so it is…when we do not take a timeout, no matter how quick, to get a grasp of what is happening, and then making the best choice, well sometimes life finds a way to ‘blow that whistle’

  1. Another great approach is the PIVOT…

sometimes let’s face it we are heading in one direction but realize we need to adjust our position to get to the source/contact/resource that we need to … well in netball, we remain on that foot on which we landed, then take that other foot and use it to pivot and change our course

what a great #carryon reminder that sometimes all we need to do is remain right where we are, using all we have and then work at making a little change

well for sure  these Calypso girls have performed as well as they have by mastering these netball basics and so much more… Kudos to the Calypso Girls 

#lifecoaching online… a great tool to support our ‘pivot’ in some area of our life

… when it comes to this match between Barbados Tridents and Trinbago Knight Riders two psychology terms apply…

  1. Catch “22” Barbados Tridents coming into this game have their history of successes and failures to draw from, in this case, Barbados Tridents have an equal 2 successes and 2 failures, in one case they might decide to focus on their success alone to feed forward, but in so doing they automatically feed from failing since they know that they have lost as much as they have won (in other words they have taken as well as they have give)…
  2. Recency Effect… Barbados Tridents coming into this game with only yesterday having been dealt a defeat… the thing with something happening recently is that if we did not/do not find a way to clear our minds quickly and reboot then it makes it ever so easy to repeat the defeat

so as a Sports Talking Therapist what #carryon tips are there?

when in a catch ’22’ for our best #carryon result we need a ground 0 approach … meaning we focus neither on our victories or failures but instead on the mission, the passion, and purpose of that mission and a strategic plan to get there…  in a nutshell we apply some #lifecoaching for performance (@available @t online office using live chat )

Now as for Trinbago Knight Riders, their history coming into the match was quite different… two psychology terms applied for this team would be…

  1. Self-Efficacy… this team coming into this match would have just gotten a good dose of ‘belief in their ability to get the task done’ having ‘revenged’ a crushing defeat from Jamaica Tallawahs, the thing about self-efficacy is that it helps us keep our positive psychology going, and once we do that we tend to really focus on our strengths and manage our weaknesses to get our best possible results
  2. Rest & Recovery… unlike their counterparts Barbados Tridents having played a match the day before, Trinbago Knight Riders had the opportunity for a 7-day rest & recovery period… like anything else performance keeps at its peak when we have our strategic rest periods…

now as a Sports Talking Therapist, in no way would there be a desire to ‘take away’ from the efforts involved in the Trinbago Knight Riders getting the win, but what we do try to do, is to go behind what might be helping or hurting the sportsmen/women as they take to the field and how this can be applied to the broader game of life…

 Self-Efficacy is something we can coach for… #lifecoaching live chat sessions @vailable @

Isn’t it great to have a great beginning? and we smell success, but a smell of success is not a taste of success… and so it has been that Jamaica Tallwahs started off with a big bang..but what happened…

#carryon big bang theory …. could it be that the team fell into the trap that with the initial big bang success was already created…well whether that is the case or not… we still have a great carryon reminder… the end of a thing is better than the beginning thereof… so we must beware of rejoicing too soon and keep level-headed and push on through…

#carryon big bang theory 2… is it that with such a great showing of Andre Russell the team fell back thinking that they could become 1-dimensional… well whether so or not again we have another #carryon tip… anytime we fail to adapt and reinvent ourselves based on what is happening in the now… the best we can become is a ‘one hit wonder’….

and so it was the Jamaica Tallwahs met up with Guyana Amazon WARRIORS! AND  here is where we had a 21-year-old shine through no doubt having been trained in that warrior-mindset …

“Shimron Hetmyer became the youngest centurion in CPL history, and the first to do it on American soil, as Guyana Amazon Warriors rallied to victory by 71 runs to hand Jamaica Tallawahs their first loss of CPL 2018. “

How ironic though; 

Tallawahs actually had a better Powerplay than Amazon Warriors, reaching 69 for 1 after six, compared to the visitors’ 60 for 2. Much of that was down to the hot start provided by Glenn Phillips.

well, we already talked about that hot start… so now we can give focus on the spirit of the warrior… a spirit that we need in the game of life… so what if we don’t get the ‘better start’ or the ‘best start’… the warrior says sh**** that and presses on with tunnel-like focus…

any surprise then our Guyana Amazon Warriors have topped their group! …

Hmm, could you imagine Jamaica TALLWAHS destroying Trinbago Knight Riders only to lose 3 following games then to face this team they destroyed again… what’s the carryon then… no doubt the thought of facing a challenge we defeated could be used as a confidence booster… and the mere fact that it was a fairly close game suggests that this is just what might have happened   

But Trinbago Knight Riders had their own #carryon approach to battle that… what was it? the desire/the drive to redeem self, to make use of another chance to get a win, and that sort of #carryon can empower a sort of higher level resilience and in this case it worked for a win…

Although Trinbago slipped 28-3 after six overs, with Imad Wasim having bowled Sunil Narine for a third-ball duck, Colin Munro (67) was backed up well by Darren and Dwayne Bravo – who both struck five sixes in their innings to take last year’s winners to the brink.

In reply, Imad Wasim took an impressive 2-17 from his four overs but Darren Bravo’s 50 off 35 and captain DJ Bravo’s quickfire 36 off 11 saw them ably assist Munro as Trinbago edged a tightly-fought game.