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There are a few popular team sayings, two being;

Together Each Achieves More and

Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.” – Edward Hale

2012 Bronze and 2019 Gold

And success this team truly enjoyed. Noteworthy too their commitment in pursuing excellence they were able to better their best from 2012 

so as Robertson Davies says; “in the end, it is upon the quality and commitment of individuals that all group moments depend” and listening to each team player, we realize they were all in.

Even so…must make special mention of Cedeno and his…

Coming From Behind

What does it take for an athlete to come from behind?

At that point no doubt it went beyond the technical training and to zoning into a purposeful and positive mindset (wanting that gold) but even so what’s more is getting mind-body to work at it absolute optimum, not just the mind believing but the body following to make the belief real…we could imagine Cedeno then almost in a hypnotic state (the high coming from the adrenaline surging through) and giving that boost to make it happen. to the team for coming together, staying together and working together and for Cedeno doing the needful for coming from behind!

Once upon a time in the sport of track and field, 

No one thought a tall man, outstanding results could yield,

They said it required a certain type of ground contact and turn over rate,

And the height of the tall man would make him reach the finish late,

But then came this guy called Usain,

He made everyone think again,

in fact so much so these sporting Docs were looking for a theory,

as to how ‘the big man’ could get results like sub-10 in a 100-m race, how scary….

GREAT track and field career he had now retired…

This sportsman showed us in life a thing or two that’s required…

If you feel yourself drawn to a particular task, 

don’t begin with “can’t” instead search out how to make it possible, find support, ASK…

when we seek a way, then there we would find, a method/a will/a system/a different approach/or some combination

to get that dream/desire/task done…

so asking now “what (can’t) you do?” … because of being (too ….) or (not…enough) #lifecoaching can reduce doubts as together your coach and you make it happen…online #livechat coaching


On reviewing Mind Gym, Ben Grenshaw noted;

” Believing in yourself is paramount to success for any athlete”

Life is a Game

Mind Gym is a perfect explanation of what we enter when we enter this life…each experience we meet challenges us to exercise our minds…those of us who think/feel/act for one minute as if we can cruise through this life lazy about exercising our minds, we wake one day to discover that others are


and this F.A.T. is often times unhealthy…. so today for starters what sort of exercises have you began in your Mind Gym?

Even for athletes guess what Yogi Berra said;

” Ninety percent of the game is half mental”

And trust me I’ve been there and we all either have been there or will get there…

Where is there? That place where you need to train @ your Mind Gym a bit more often and a bit harder because of the road ahead…to really be able to deal with that marathon/obstacle course …..

So to all our Gym goers looking nice and fit….remember what Bruce Jenner said; 

” you have to train your mind like you train your body”

because what you think affects how you feel and perform…

Happy Performing People!

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So when it comes to athletics its easy to appreciate the need to stay in your lane….

When it comes to everyday life though some of us do find it hard to …..”stay in our lane” simply because we are ….


Being addicted to helping might be the result of being deeply empathetic so we truly can in a very real way enter into the experiences of another…

But even so when we find it hard to STAY IN OUR LANE especially when there was no sign that the person desires help….then is it really about the other or about some need within us?

Being addicted to helping might be the result of a deep need to always be needed…and so we seek out opportunities to cross lanes…we find ourselves most times attracted to people who are more like projects

Getting D.Q.

In athletics we can get D.Q. or disqualified

In life we can find ourselves experiencing high stress levels if we don’t ask that Deeper Question….what makes it so hard to


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